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Post: Big Brother Vip preview: the showdown between Elenuar Ferruzzi and Soraya Cerruti arrives


Today, Monday, September 26, 2022, the third meeting, Big Brother Vip, will be broadcast.

TodayMonday, September 26, 2022third meeting with Big Brother Vip on the air this evening from 21.30 live Channel 5.

Big Brother Vip Today’s Episode Preview

Tonight, Monday, September 26, in prime time on Channel 5, the third meeting with Big Brother Vipreality show produced by Endemol Shine Italy and hosted by Alfonso Signorini surrounded by Orietta Berti, Sonia Bruganelli and Giulia Salemi.

In the house vip girlfriend To get everyone’s attention, there was discontent in the early days of reality TV Elenuar Ferruzzi and Luca Salatino. Between the two, at first, it seemed to be on good terms, inclined, however, when Elenuar expressed interest in Luke who, feeling pressured for various reasons, at one point even considered quitting the game. Luke in fact, he is also suffering from the absence of his girlfriend Soraya, who will intervene in the episode tonight to confrontation with Elenuar and consolation of Luke.

Attilio Romita he allowed himself to go to some statements not very respected about the former gieffino Giucas Casella which of course he did not like and he decided to say his word and return to “his” former home.

Jaele De Dona, who walked into the Cinecittà loft last Thursday, was blunt about how her marriage is based on an open relationship as a couple. His “open-mindedness” divided opinion House.

Meeting with third issue of the seventh issue of Big Brother Vipwaiting for us this evening, starting at 21.30 live on Channel 5.

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