EntertainmentArmor Wars with Don Cheadle becomes a Marvel movie...

Armor Wars with Don Cheadle becomes a Marvel movie and War Machine becomes a star!


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Surprisingly, Marvel/Disney decided to turn the Disney+-dedicated Armor Wars series starring Don Cheadle, aka “War Machine” into a single feature-length movie for cinema.

advancement in sight war machinecharacter played in Marvel Cinematic Universe from Don Cheadle: his series Armored Warsscheduled for broadcast on Disney +, according to the Hollywood Reporter, has undergone a metamorphosis and turns into movie movie. A small happy turn in this project, a sign that I Marvel Studios they firmly believe in the direction in which it is moving.

Armor Wars, from Disney+ to Hall, becomes a movie

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, who received behind-the-scenes information, the plot of the series Armored Warson which the screenwriter Yasser Lester worked, she was kept from Kevin Feige and his headquarters Marvel Studios best suited for Feature Film. We do not know exactly why, but we can assume that it depends on considerations of brevity of the story and entertainment. Thus Lester reworked the betting plan into one scenarioWhat will the main character naturally see? war machine from Don CheadleAhead of the start of filming in 2023 (and therefore release in 2024, as happens in such cases), the director at the helm has not yet been revealed.
The plot of this Armor Wars is unknown, but the title suggests to Marvel fans that it refers to the namesake. Cycle of stories 1987-1988where technology is available iron Man he fell into the notorious “wrong hands.” There is no return of the character, so for now the plot is supposed to be reviewed and put on the shoulders James “Rowdy” Rhodesit is Cheadle War Machine, who is destined to reappear next year in the series Secret Invasionpart Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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