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Post: Big Brother Vip Sonia Bruganelli defends Marco Bellavia from criticism: ‘He’s in trouble, the pack is against him’


Everyone against Marco Bellavia in Big Brother Vip: columnist Sonia Bruganelli sides with jeffino.

Alfonso Signorini opened the third series Big Brother Vip about the approach between Marco Bellavia and Pamela Prati. A relationship that, at least for now, is not destined to turn around at the behest of a competitor who has shown that he lives seriously. in trouble with a dancer.

Sonia Bruganelli side by Marco Bellavia in Gf Vip

Compound bet on Marco Bellavia, which ended up in the sights of his playmates. Cause? The decision of the participant of the seventh draw Big Brother Vip from temporarily stop dating Pamela Prati. But, if other Wipponis were sharply critical of this attitude, columnist Sonia Bruganelli publicly sided with the man.:

I have a little bloody embarrassment towards Marco. In the early days, he tried to bring joy. He then realizes that he has joined a group where he doesn’t care. He’s in trouble and that’s why the pack eats him. With Pamela they are different people. Pamela doesn’t need Marco, but right now he takes a step back and asks for help.

Question asked Alfonso Signoriniwho tried to better understand the reasons for this sudden departure between two Vippons, Pamela Praty admitted that even she would not be inclined to start a love story in the famous Cinecitta house:

Nothing has started yet, it’s just sympathy. I have reservations because I don’t know him. And then he sleeps with Hegia. Sleep with me? Are you kidding, Alfonso? Not […] I’m not complaining that he’s sleeping with Hegia, that’s normal. I don’t want it in my bed, it’s not for me. I think that I don’t know him. I consider him a respectable, polite person. For now, it made me smile.

After listening to the thought meadows, Bellavia decided to intervene to clarify his position once and for all:

I am not in balance, first I start the story with myself and only then with another person. When I’m fine, I’ll think about Pamela too. Now I am not feeling well, I am not in balance and therefore I do not approach Pamela. I’ve had several crashes in the last few hours. When I am in balance, I will look for the right moment with Pamela.

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