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Hocus Pocus 2, Bette Midler: “I’ve wanted to do a sequel for 15 years!”


At the press conference, Bette Midler and the rest of Hocus Pocus 2’s technical and artistic staff told us something about this sequel, which is now streaming exclusively on Disney+.

Today the wait ends Hocus pocus 2continuation of thatHocus pocus which back in 1993 had little success in the cinema, but which over the years has become cultthanks to home video and its traditional viewing during halloween: continuation available in streaming exclusive on the Disney+Like this Bette Midler and the rest of the technical and artistic persons accompanied him to the press conference.

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Hocus Pocus 2, the long journey is finally over

During a press conference Bette Midlershe is a witch Winifred Sandersondeclares himself with the usual self-irony “still stands” and admits that he did not count too much on the realization of his dream Hocus pocus 2. Now this dream has come true, and Bette admits that she cherished it for a long time. Fifteen yearssince he realized that the original had turned into phenomenon. “We got a little old, but that’s okay!” Cathy Najimyalias Mary Sandersonproud of what happened thirty years in the prime of life Hocus pocus: “He became classical, and not only for my performance! Now it is part of the history of several generations, passed down in the family. It’s something you can never foresee.” Even for new artists like Sam Richardson as the occult shopkeeper Gilbert, the first act is an indelible memory: “As soon as I saw him as a child in the movies, I thought: one day I’ll be there! the quality of their performanceas if they were accurate. On set, I was the first fan of the film: now that I’m filming the sequel, I’m looking at myself from the side, like a fan watching a movie, very metaphorically!”
Director Ann Fletcher and producer Adam Shenkman They then explained that more than thirty years after the first set, I suits actresses were made anew, from scratch, because the originals had deteriorated or ended up in a film museum. However, it was a good opportunity to rethink them in a more subtle way, bringing together 17th century roots three witches with a modern interpretation of these dresses, with symbolic links on Winifred, Mary and Sarah’s clothes (beware of future cosplay material!).
Doug Jonesinterpreter zombie Billy Butchersonhe had an advantage because the heavy make-up (two hours a day!) overlaps past decades, but he admits that on the first day the character’s farce blew him away: “I was 32 when I shot the previous one, I was 61 on this set: after the first take I’m out of breathbut I recovered immediately!

Hocus pocus 2, a matter of faith and mutual support

Adam Shenkmanelsewhere the director, here is the producer and engine of the project, says that he visited set from the first hocus pocus, fascinated by physical special effects, in the studio. When the opportunity presented itself to manage this sequel, he had no doubt that he would agree: “Not only did I want to do something with my friends, but every project introduced you to new ones. And after isolation from the pandemic, it was very beautiful. !”
O new friendsExist three young actresses who play the new characters of this Hocus Pocus 2. The protagonist Bekku embodies Whitney Peakwho talked about different samples to which he has been subjected, even those who measureunderstanding with two of her colleagues (for the purpose of passing real teenage emotions): the latter was a bit of a surprise because director Ann Fletcher, on the pretense of assessing her ability to scream, asked her to “scream like I told you you got the part!” Belissa Escobedo plays Lizzie’s rational friend, “upbeat and problem-solving”, and tells us that she loves Halloween for its naturalness. mixture of horror and bad tastewell put in the spirit of Hocus Pocus. Lily BuckinghamBorn in 2003, the interpreter for Cassie, a betrayed friend who wants to grow up quickly, admits that she had no expectations and that she enjoyed the unexpected journey when she was chosen: “I was just happy to get the role! “
But team play prevailed at all levels, especially when it comes to female solidarity: for Bette Midler, three sisters (and three young friends) are a model mutual aid women. “Their bond remains strong,” says Bette, and Cathy echoes her: “There is a deep commitment between them.”

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