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Post: Big brother Vip Marco Bellavia has decided to leave the House for good: televoting canceled


Marco Bellavia, after repeated and continuous attacks and ridicule, has decided to leave Big Brother Vip’s house: the web is in revolt.

“MArco Bellavia decided to leave home. A televote involving rivals Jaele De Dona, Marco Bellavia and Giovanni Ciacci was cancelled. Users who voted via text message in a canceled session will receive a refund. with these words, some time ago,announcement of Marco Bellavia’s departure from Big Brother Vip.

Big brother Vip Marco Bellavia has decided to leave the House for good: televoting canceled

Thus ends the television adventure of a former host who has been isolated and ridiculed by fellow adventurers for several days. A farewell that leaves a bad taste in the mouths of reality TV viewers, who for some time have been asking for the production’s intervention to protect the Milanese psychological trainer. The latter repeatedly showed malaise both internally and externally. House. Constant pain that made him live even in the past, struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. In recent days, very harsh words Geggia, Cristina Quaranta, Charlie Gnocchi, Giovanni Ciacci, Patricia Rossetti and finally Ginevra Lamborghini they definitely encouraged him to leave the house, finding no solidarity in the group.

Marco Bellavia in the house Big Brother Vip he found that, in spite of himself, most of his fellow adventurers were opposed to him, guilty primarily of not having sufficient mental balance to make it impossible for them to live together in Cinecitta’s large attic.

“So to me, you deserve bullying too, you deserve it. Poor thing.” Electra’s sister recently said. It’s still: “He’s crazy, crazy, sick!” When I talk to Marco I feel like my ass, I think he does it on purpose, he says things that make sense to me, I told him I don’t talk to him anymore because he’s dead to me! Daniele Del Moro.

Also Patricia Rossetti and Elenuar they were offended Bellavia. “If you have problems, stay at home, son. That is, if you have psychological problems, do not come to Big Brother Vip. You just stay at home. You won’t get better here, you’ll go crazy. You don’t come here to do psychoanalysis.”

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