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From Indiana Jones and Stooges to the Multiverse: Encounter with Former Prodigy Ke Hai Quan


He started his career with two iconic roles in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and as Data in The Goonies, and now, almost forty years later, he is back as an actor in the cult indie series Everything and Everywhere immediately”, to the cinema from October 6. Our meeting with Ke Hui Quan.

Child prodigy, the first Asian at such a young age to achieve success in Hollywood, with Indiana Jones and Cursed Timewith Harrison Ford, and as Date in boobiescult film for every generation. Jonathan Ke Quanthe name he was signed with in the 80s, Ke Hai Quanas he wants to be called today, on the break again (after 37 years of film dormancy) with the male lead in the surprisingly successful American Summer indie film, All Everywhere All at once. In the room from October 6 in Italian cinemas.

Produced Russo Brothersproducer Danielshe is Daniel Kwan As well as Daniel Scheinertalready directors of another small cult of these years, swiss army mantalks about Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh), a Chinese-American woman harassed by the tax authorities who ordered tax assessments on the laundry she runs with her husband, Waymond (Ke Hai Quan). Moreover, the husband decided to divorce, and at the same time, his daughter Joy would like his girlfriend to be accepted into the house, especially her grandfather. He said this is how a film about a family looks like many others, and in principle it is, but in two hours and twenty minutes, science fiction, martial arts occurs, as Evelyn realizes the existence of many parallel universes, and only she can prevent their destruction.

A story about the multiverse, “written in 2016, however, before the arrival of Marvel do it” as indicated by the manufacturer Jonathan Wangpresent with Ke Hai Quan at a meeting with the press in Rome, in Home Cinema. He is a keen actor, he has been traveling the world for six months All Everywhere All at once and resumes his career. “Now I am recognized from this film, I am no longer just Data. I just got back from London where I was shooting Loki 2“, Speaking of the multiverse, as he admits with a big smile, emphasizing how he got along very well with Volume Hiddleston As well as Owen Wilson, and is convinced that “it will be a beautiful series.” However, he will not be cast in the Sui series. boobies per Disney +which is talked about without certainty and tells about a group of young people re-enacting the adventures of the film.

For years he literally prayed that they would continuation belonging boobies“But now with the death of the captain of the ship, Richard Donnerdirector, after years of trying to find the right script, I must say that I’m resigned to the fact that it will never be done. Then I hoped to be in the new Indiana Jones, but now I’m happy with this wonderful experience, thanks to Daniels and producer Jonathan Wang. It was a very well written script. I immediately liked my character, Waymond. All his declensions in various universes convince me. In Hollywood, they no longer make such films, both with soul and spectacular.. I auditioned and when I heard that I was cast I was ecstatic how and when I finished it and now that I have traveled for six months to promote it. I am grateful every day that I had this opportunity.”

Waymond carries a message of kindness and empathy. The character in which Ke Hai Quan could identify. “As a child, I had an almost unique experience. When I was 4 years old, my parents left Vietnam as refugees. I am lucky and we are lucky to be in the United States as asylum seekers. I understand the intergenerational trauma that this film is about, I know the struggles of my parents and my brothers and mine. Many Asians in America have experienced something similar. The Daniels tell it brilliantly, respectfully and with a lot of credibility.”

All Everywhere All at once it had a budget of only $14 million, “now I can say, although many people think it cost more, but so we also had a lot of freedom”, as the producer said. It grossed $100 million worldwide and was released in Italy on October 6, distributed by I Wonder Pictures.

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