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Post: Russian “Game of Thrones”: epic drama “Heart of Parma” released


MOSCOW, October 6 – RIA Novosti, Anna Nekhaeva. The love story of a prince and a lamia priestess in 15th century Russia is just one of the plots of the long-awaited film adaptation of the novel Heart of Parma. Massive battles, diplomatic choices and magical transformations in an impressive blockbuster movie. Such a high quality and flamboyant domestic film has not been released for a long time. About what kind of epic drama appeared in the material of RIA Novosti.

The magic of the Ural land

The screen version of Alexei Ivanov’s novel “The Heart of Parma” is more than a drama about revenge. It’s an epic, but also a story of growth and fantasy. Also, it’s kind of like a movie book. It contains an artistic version of how Russia crystallized, how the Moscow princes gathered land around them and laid the foundation for the state.

According to the plot, Prince Yermolai (Alexander Gorbatov) several centuries ago wisely and relatively peacefully ruled Perm. One of his subjects stole the legendary statue of the pagan goddess Sorni-Nai, also called the Golden Father, from the Vogul tribe (now Mansi).

An army of Voguls led by Asyka (Valentin Jing) immediately arrived at Yermolai with an impressive fighting deer. The film shows how bloodthirsty wars were in the best traditions of the Middle Ages: the aggressors spared no one. Furious and loud carnage looks very realistic.

Only Yermolai’s son Mikhail (Yaroslav Beloborodov and later Alexander Kuznetsov), Voivoda Poljud (Sergei Puskepalis) and the girlfriend of the young prince Tiche (Milena Safronova, Elena Erbakova) were saved.

Shot from the movie Heart of Parma
Valentin Ching (Asyka)

It is clear that Mikhail will avenge his father. However, this is not another “Braveheart” or “Conan the Barbarian”.

The entire universe is shown on the screen, comparable to John Tolkien’s Middle-earth or Andrzej Sapkowski’s Continent in terms of the diversity of heroes and characters. But maybe most of the time I want to compare the movie with George Martin’s “Game of Thrones”. New blockbuster – without dragons, but no less exciting.

The plot prepares surprises even for those who are familiar with the original source. It will not be easy for “beginners” to figure out who is who and who should do it. There is even auxiliary literature – “In the Heart of Parma” by Yulia Zaitseva, a guide to the Perm region and its facts. But the central line of the relationship between Mikhail and Tiche (after she matured, she turned out to be a witch) will not escape from anyone.

Other lines are woven into this plot: for example, the reign of the wise Michael, who was in no hurry to conquer the nearest lands, which is why he later clashed with the troops of Prince Ivan III of Moscow. The latter, known as the “collector of the Russian lands” (it was under him that many principalities were added to the capital), Fyodor Bondarchuk played colorfully.

Ivan III in the movie is both a tough leader and a talented diplomat. He has not only the sword but also the word skillfully. His monologue on how he sees Russia’s future is one of the turning points in painting.

The capital’s ruler will want to make sure of Michael’s loyalty to the crown. Moreover, there will be no peaceful way to control it.

On the set of Heart of Parma
Taking a picture of the Heart of Parma
On the set of Heart of Parma

Bishop Jonah (Evgeny Mironov) is no less stubborn in his work, intending to convert the local pagans to the true faith. By the way, the marriage of Mikhail and Tiche can be seen as another layer of the plot – the union of Christianity and paganism, more “ordinary” and mystical forces.

Shot from the movie Heart of Parma
Frame from the movie “Heart of Parma”

Magic literally hangs in the air of the cold taiga or shines under the sun of spruce and fir forests. In Parma, shamans make sacrifices, perform ritual rites, communicate with spirits. Beauty Tiche fulfills what was written by the Gods of Fate, hypnotizing with her gaze and gentle movements (actress Elena Erbakova is often naked in the frame – a witch, a pagan nun).

Shot from the movie Heart of Parma
Frame from the movie “Heart of Parma”

Philosophy and attraction

Of course, there are no perfect adaptations, but the main thing is to find a balance. Directed by Anton Megerdichev (“Movement Up”, “Metro”, “The Dark World”). Slow motion narration and actively used slow motion effect of “Parma” are rehabilitated by the director with brutal action. The logical consequence of the rivalry between the Moscow and Perm principalities is the battle scene. The scale is bloody, and sometimes even visually similar to the Battle of the Bastards from “Game of Thrones”.

On the set of Heart of Parma
A still from the ninth episode of the sixth season of the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones
A still from Game of Thrones

The Muscovite cannons are opposed by the assembled army of Mikhail. And it’s not just endless fights and war fencing, but a real movie war where the logic, tactics and choreography of the moves of both sides are spelled out. This is not an admirable effect in front of the camera, but an explanation of how the Moscow principality subdued the Great Perm.

Shot from the movie Heart of Parma
Shot from the movie Heart of Parma
Screen adaptation of Alexei Ivanov's novel The Heart of Parma

Creation of the epic

A giant wooden castle, fish skin costumes and scenes for three hundred people – all this is in the “Heart of Parma”.

Shooting a story like this is always epic. It turned out to be long and full of adventures for Anton Megerdichev and his team. Having bought the film rights and adapted the novel into the screenplay with the help of Sergei Bodrov and Ilya Tilkin, the authors began to create a polyphonic world of antiquity.

On the set of Heart of Parma
On the set of the movie “Heart of Parma”

Filming took place in the Moscow region and the Perm region. A specially unique complex was built from an 84-meter fortress, a temple and a cell of the monastery hill. It took eight months to create a real medieval city with residential cottages and shopping arcades – as a result, an authentic Cherdyn of the 15th century appears in the frame.

“I’ve never read anything like The Heart of Parma, I can’t even compare,” admits the director, “I wanted to make this movie – a great epic drama – so that there was a very strong love line, the strong power of passion, and even the tough action of the battle scenes. even.”

Shot from the movie Heart of Parma
Frame from the movie “Heart of Parma”

In order to make the screen world as realistic as possible, shamans, translators into Komi-Permyak, Old Tatar and Mansi languages ​​participated in the filming. Gunsmiths made chain mail weighing six kilograms, and costume designers manually created around 500 images for the characters. The materials were natural fabrics, furs, leather, and the clothes were decorated with unique ornaments and patterns.

Shot from the movie Heart of Parma
Frame from the movie “Heart of Parma”

Each costume works not only for the picture, but also for the hero. Asyk warriors wear horns, bones and animal teeth in their clothes – these details emphasize the anger and enthusiasm of representatives of the pagan tribe. Voguls are dressed in skins, their armor is made of bone and wooden boards, and amulets are made in the traditional Perm “animal” style.

At least for such originality and details of everyday life, the film deserves an award. A story about love during the clash of beliefs and civilizations, about an attempt to find inner peace in a difficult age is not only worth watching, but also worth thinking about.

“Heart of Parma” hits theaters on October 6th.

Source: Ria

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