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Post: Bookmakers identify favorites for Nobel Prize in Literature


Bookmakers: Michel Houellebecq or Salman Rushdie could win the Nobel Prize in Literature

MOSCOW, October 6 – RIA Novosti. The Nobel Committee in Sweden will announce the winner of the Literature Prize today. The day before, the bookies set their favorites: they guess The victory of the French Michel Houellebecq or the Indian-British Salman Rushdie.

Among the most likely winners were Stephen King, Annie Erno, Gariel Lutz, Pierre Michon, Haruki Murakami, Ann Carson, and others.

Interestingly, this list has the most writers from France and the United States.

Also in the ranking of bookmakers there is Ludmila Ulitskaya.

Author Michel Welbeck
Author Salman Rushdie
Writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya speaks at the opening of the Moscow International Book Fair on VDNKh

Nobel Prizes are awarded for outstanding scientific research, revolutionary inventions, and great contributions to culture or society. There are six of them: in medicine and physiology, physics, chemistry, literature, economics and promoting world peace.

Prize winners receive a diploma, a gold medal and a cash prize of ten million Swedish crowns.

Source: Ria

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