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Post: Gf Vip, Wilma Goych breaks the rules twice at night!


The night at Big Brother Vip has never been so hectic. After saying goodbye to Sarah Manfuso, Wilma Goych strikes by breaking the rules of the program twice.

In the house of Big Brother Vip there is not a moment of peace. After being told farewell to Sarah Manfusowho starred as promised during the last episode of the program, Wilma Goych breaks down twice as much regulation belonging reality show Canale 5. That’s what happened.

Big Brother Vip, Wilma Goich combines that big

after the case Marco Bellaviathe house of Big Brother Vip split in two, and the fans, although satisfied with the measures taken Alfonso Signorini in this episode, they would also like to see the other people involved in giving up jeffino early be punished. In the last hours, after a very difficult episode and after he had expressed his displeasure with this affair, Sarah Manfuso decided to leave Gf Vip.

Giffina admitted that she did not want this story to be exploited, fighting injustice for years and having people’s psychological health in her soul, and therefore preferred not to continue the path, which for her by now would no longer be as clear as she hoped. per. In the meantime at night we discuss new episode on air tonight Channel 5 As well as Wilma Goich trying dodge microphones suggest to close colleagues agree on candidates.

“Tomorrow we have to agree on the candidates that will be nominated … Turn off the microphone. Yes, let’s also agree on a balance, ”says Biccy.

Clumsy attempt wilma from break the rules twice – dodging microphones and agreeing to a telvoto – did not go unnoticed by the people of the network, who, although they took this clumsy subterfuge with irony, ask that Lord takes action. Moreover, the singer did not suffer consequences in the Bellavia case, which caused widespread dissatisfaction with the way Wilma also launched against Antonella Fiordelisitreated Jeffino.

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