Post: Causeway: official trailer for Lila Neugebauer starring Jennifer Lawrence

Causeway, directed by Academy Award winner and starring Jennifer Lawrence, will premiere at the upcoming Rome Film Festival and hit Apple TV+ on November 4th. Here is the official trailer for the movie.

damnew film directed by Lila Neugebauer, produced and starring Jennifer Lawrencewill be presented in the competition Rome Film Festivalbefore leaving on Apple TV+ November 4. Meanwhile, here official movie trailer what do you see in Castalong with Lawrence, Brian Tyree Henry, Linda Emond, Jane Hoodishell and Stephen McKinley Henderson:

Causeway: official plot, cast and poster of the movie with Jennifer Lawrence

In Causeway, director Leela Neugebauer’s new film, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence plays Linsey, a military engineer who returns to the United States from Afghanistan with a severe brain injury from a bomb blast.

During her recovery, which is slow and painful, she has to relearn how to walk and retrain her memory with the help of a chatty but gentle caretaker (Jane Houdishell). However, when he returns home to New Orleans, he is faced with an even more disturbing and complex memory than those he experienced during his service: a collision with his childhood.

Left with her mother (Linda Emond), with whom she has a strained relationship, Lynsey would just like to return to her job as an engineer, but her doctor (Stephen McKinley Henderson) is cautious and takes a job in the meantime. as a pool cleaner. When her pickup truck breaks down, she meets James Aucoin (Brian Tyree Henry), who works in a garage, and offers to give her a ride home; gradually the two come to rely on each other for company and comfort, and Lynsey discovers that James is also repressing the traumas of his past.

The nascent friendship between these two wounded souls forms the center and heart of Lila Neugebauer’s first feature film: a quiet yet devastating and, above all, uplifting story about coming to terms with yourself and moving forward.

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