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Big Brother Vip, Patricia Rossetti attacks Pamela Prati and then sends Signorini to this country: chaos in the night


Patricia Rossetti, after an episode of Big Brother Vip, loses her temper after discovering that Pamela Prati has got a private room: chaos ensues.

Patricia Rossetti he is not going to tolerate it in the house Big Brother Vip there are differences, especially when Pamela Praty benefit from it. After the episode reality show Canale 5discovering that the Sardinian dancer got one private room, Patricia is freaking outand he also takes it on Alfonso Signorini.

Big Brother Vip, Patricia Rossetti vs. Everyone: Giffina’s Rage

In the house of Big Brother Vip very tense atmosphere, especially after the recent events related to Marco Bellavia. After threatening to leave the Cinecitta house, Patricia Rossetti she came back, ready to make amends and finally hear the truth about the behavior of the group – or rather the pack – towards a competitor who had asked for help. After a tough episode, this time softened by some great moments like the meeting between George Choupilan and his mother, Patricia found out what Pamela Praty would get one single room with bathafter losing consciousness due to illness.

The Sardinian dancer has repeatedly spoken about suffering from anxiety and panic attacks associated with feelings of claustrophobia, and seeing her in difficulty, Alfonso Signorini he wanted to help her. A gesture, which, however, did not like at all Rosetti who, having dealt with Pamela into the night and accusing her of faking it and wanting to continue to keep it diva attitudehe also filmed it on Lord.

“What the hell did Prati do? Why does she deserve a single? Who slept on couches instead? You know what I’m telling you, tomorrow I’ll kick my butt and I won’t give a damn. Having this attention for some and not for others. Alfonso, you made me a promise to fuck you. […] Every night she does these scenes with me** – informs Biki – I know her Pamela is the one who does the scenes and pretends to faint. Come on, and I really broke my ass. At 63, I also pretend to be sick and pretend to faint in order to have a private room.

Patricia Rossetti makes Big Brother Vip tremble!

Patricia turned into an uncontrollable rage, which he also talks about Jaele De Dona who personally witnessed the clash, stating that between the two harsh words flewAs well as. According to Giffina, Patricia he would verbally protest violently against Pamela, shouting and disturbing the residents present. Also according to meadows a heated discussion would have been born from a colleague:

“You missed the fight. He told me that I am Belfagor and I am a fake. I sent her to this country, but because she sent me first. It doesn’t sound like me, but he kept using bad words. I am always in control, but if they send me to that country and scream.”

In short, there is a new war going on and lipsticks he intends to ask for an explanation during the new Gf Vip episodeabout the special attention given Pamela. Indeed, in its impulse, Patricia spoke about an agreement with Signorini about living together at home, and it is possible that the presenter agreed to participate, but with reservations about meadowsprecisely because the leader promised her equal rights.

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