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Viggo Mortensen to play Vicki Crips in feminist western The Dead Don’t Hurt


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As the second direction after The Fall, Viggo Mortensen chose the western The Dead Don’t Hurt, in the center of which the main character Vicky Crips.

After The fall, Viggo Mortensen will make another film as a director, The Dead Don’t Hurta feminist western he wrote, directed and co-directed with Vicki Cripsmain character hidden thread from Paul Thomas Anderson. In the center of the plot is the story of two unfortunate lovers in America in 1860. Filming will begin this month in Canada.

“The Dead Don’t Get Sick”, the second film directed by Viggo Mortensen: plot and cast

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Three Oscar nominations and a varied and interesting international career. Viggo Mortensen he also expanded his interest in film directing. After the most intimate and modern The fall, now dedicates itself to the broad horizons of Western and costume cinema to tell the story of a modern woman in the ruthless Far West. in The’s dead it doesn’t hurt Mortensen will be a Danish immigrant named Holger Olsen, whose path crosses that of independent French-Canadian Vivien Le Cody (Vicki Crips). They agree to travel together and eventually settle in a quiet town to start a life together. But when the Civil War separates them, Vivienne finds herself surrounded by corrupt and violent locals. When Holger returns home from the war, he finds that both of them have changed in ways they never thought possible. The Dead Don’t Hurt it is described as “a tragic story of love and revenge” and “a portrait of a passionate woman determined to stand up for herself in an unforgiving world ruled by ruthless men.” This is how Mortensen describes the film and its protagonist:

I want to pay tribute to the story of an extraordinarily strong woman living in an isolated and lawless part of the Southwestern United States in the 1860s. The idea is not only to make the woman the protagonist of the western, but also to make her drive the story because of her fiercely unyielding nature. Vivienne is a real woman, independent in her time and place, thanks to her principled and progressive behavior and passion for life. We are very fortunate to have the talented Vicki Krips embodying this role, and with the help of the fantastic team we have assembled thanks to Talipot Studio, we hope to honor her exemplary life.

Also part of the cast Solly McLeod, Danny Huston, Garret Dillahunt, Tom Bateman, W. Earl Brown and veteran Lance Henriksenwhich in The fall played the father.

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