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Post: Men and women, Chiara Rabbi talks freely with Davide Donadei and Roberta Di Padua: “Here is my whole truth”


Chiara Rabbi returns to talk about her breakup with Davide Donadei after a confrontation in the Men and Women study.

Chiara Rabbi returned to the attack against Davide Donadei. In an interview with Mondo TV24,former admirer of men and women he wanted to clarify once and for all his position in relation to his former and Roberta Di Padua afterA sharp confrontation took place in the office belonging Maria De Filippi Dating Show.

The whole truth of Chiara Rabbi

A few weeks after being placed in Men and women, Chiara Rabbi he decided to blab and tell all his truth about the breakup with Davide Donadei. Mondo Tv24 ​​guest, Lorenzo Pugnaloni’s YouTube channel,former protagonist of the classic throne he said new unpublished background what really happened recently with Puglia:

I always stay consistent with what I was from start to finish. Always lived up to what I said and didn’t say in the episode because there was no need to add more to the situation and the show I was facing. My words would have aggravated and aggravated a truly bleak climate. Here I was the only one whom I respected from beginning to end, and sometimes even remained silent. […] I was initially silent. And the first words I spent, I even spent them in favor. Justifying, even stupidly understanding.

I was pointed out in front of everyone as a person that I am not, so this is acceptable on my part. If I burst, it’s all over. The conversation about a year and a half ago was raised. Problems that, as it seemed to me, were overcome, but, obviously, in order to move a little, raise the hype and put the image in order, you can easily go back a year and a half. And first of all, I repeat, what was said was not contextualized. It was, of course, a big disappointment, yes. Davide and I have never heard of each other. I don’t know what to say to him. Now I have no words, maybe just a few bad words. The truth is, we discussed the day the episode aired. We talked about it and we had a fight. This summer he released what he wanted to show. For a moment there was some confusion, I did not see all these problems, or maybe I did not perceive them. Perhaps it was my mistake, do not attach any importance to this.

There Rabbi then he talked about Arianna Gianfelici, The former summer flame of Donadeiand also from Roberta Di Padua:

As for Arianna, I felt there, we talked, we are still talking, I can’t say that friendship was born, but sympathy for sure. Friendship will never be born for obvious reasons, but I found myself in front of a sincere girl with whom I talked for two hours. We opposed each other on many things, on many circumstances. I think the best thing about this sad story is women’s solidarity, which always wins. Instead, I don’t see or follow Roberta on Men and Women. Obviously, she was smarter than all of them. She is happy where she is, I do not follow her and am not interested in this. I don’t see episodes.

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