Post: Sarah Manfuso’s older brother Vip, husband of Sarah Manfuso, says: “Alfonso Signorini must explain what happened”

Sarah Manfuso was invited to leave the studio during the sixth episode of Big Brother Vip. Andrea Romano, a former parliamentarian and husband of a former giffin, intervenes in the case.

Sarah Manfuso she was invited to leave the studio during the sixth episode Big Brother Vip. The former parliamentarian wanted to intervene in this matter and Husband of ex Giffina Andrea Romano.

Gf Vip, Andrea Romano says “nasty accident”

There Manfusoafter accusations of bullying Marco Bellavia and the ensuing media chaos has decided in recent days leave Casa del Grande Fratello Vip. A guest during yesterday’s episode among former giffins, the journalist also spoke about an unpleasant episode that occurred on a reality show: Giovanni Giacci allegedly touched her ass while talking about “simulation of sexual abuse”.. Words that would greatly hurt and shock her Manfuso who wanted to highlight history only at a later time. Alfonso Signorini everything went against the old model that it was kicked out of the Gf Vip studio.

Former deputy and husband of Manfuso, Andrea Romano, during sheep daytook the opportunity to protect his wife from what had happened.

“Yesterday I saw the release of Gf Vip with a lot of participation, and what happened, I was very disappointed. Especially about the reaction of Alfonso Signorini, whom I respect as a professional. Sarah never accused Giovanni Cacci of harassment. The wife wanted to share a very heavy mood after that apparently involuntary episode and Ciacci’s unhappy joke (“Let’s simulate sexual violence”), which reopened a painful wound in her.

“The premise is that, unfortunately, Sarah was the victim of a real sexual assault, and she entered the House to share this experience, which Signorini and the authors obviously knew about. I found the conductor’s words very disappointing when he told them. “You should have slapped him.” We men should never judge a woman’s reaction to the memory of violence. Who are we to say “you should have reacted like that?” Faced with a very unfortunate prank by Chacchi, Sarah hid her grave embarrassment behind a joke and laughter, but felt a deep shame that grew in the silence of the following days. She wanted to talk about it yesterday, sharing this state of mind. with the audience. Unfortunately, Signorini did not accept this request and, after expelling her from the studio, accused the victim of what he said that evening when there was talk of bullying.

Romano stated that Lord should better explain what happened:

“There was a very unfortunate incident yesterday and I hope Alfonso will be willing to better explain what happened. Not only for Sarah, but for all women who have been abused and who deserve extreme attention to internal wounds, there is always a lot of pain.[…] She’s fine, she’s a little shaken by what happened yesterday, but she’s a very strong woman. I’m also sure there can be a public clarification between them to try and write a decent page on combating gender-based violence, which has always found a lot of space in Mediaset.”

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