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Post: Big Brother Vip: Who is Marco Bellavia? Age, illness, wife, Instagram


Let’s find out more about Marco Bellavia, former competitor of Big Brother Vip!

We know better Marco Bellaviaformer tenant and entrepreneur who recently left Casa del Casa Big Brother Vip.

Marco Bellavia: here’s who the former rival of Big Brother Vip is

Marco Bellavia born in Milan under the sign of Sagittarius on December 9, 1964; it will be over soon 58 years old. After leaving school, he entered the Faculty of Geological Sciences in Milan and, at the same time, began his modeling career. From 1987Furthermore, Bellavia to debut on TVoperating in some television serieshow Lisia sweet Lisia, We dance and sing with Lycia, Christina arrives As well as Cree Cree. Thanks to the success in 1990 he comes selected to hold Bim bum bamshow for children, and remained at its helm until 2001. also in 2001, Bellavia joined the cast of the Forum programwhich at that time was headed by Rita Della Chiesa, and the following year becomes Strangelove’s messenger. After, moving away from the small screen. However, Bellavia participates in the program snow foodbroadcast on the Gambero Rosso channel and collaborated with Telenova and Canale Italia from 2006 to 2009. To date, this entrepreneur: founded an advertising agency in 2010. Bellavia also mental trainer.

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The notorious “Latin lover”, from 1992 to 1995 he had an affair with Paola Barale.but then he got engaged to a woman named Elena Travaglia it was not part of the entertainment world. From this love story in 2007, Filippo is born. Currently, Bellavia is single. This year enter Big Brother’s VIP housewhere it shows up some interest in Pamela Prati. However, there was nothing between them. Bellaviain fact, it’s starting to show up soon intolerance that makes him decide to leave the Canale 5 reality show.

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Marco Bellavia’s exit from GF Vip was a real media affair. Other residents of the spy house itself in Italy show a kind of antipathy towards him, to the point that they also when he cries or asks for help, no one, except for a few exceptions, is ready to lend a hand to him. Bellavia himself mentions her psychological fragility. From the moment the news of his passing spreads, we start talking about him on social media. intimidation. Alfonso Signoriniduring the live broadcast on Monday, October 3, 2022, scolds all his “vippons”, disqualification of Ginevra Lamborghini for Bellavia’s unforgivable verdict and opens a flash televote as a “measure” against other competitors who have misbehaved with him in the same way. Between Hegia, Patricia Rossetti, Eleonoire Ferruzzi and Gianni Caccithe last one comes removed.

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