Post: Belen Rodriguez and this social media obsession that applies to her too!

In Le Iene, Belen Rodriguez commented on the obsession with perfection and the façade we wear on social media without naming herself from the case and revealing something about herself.

Belen Rodriguezplatform expert social and herself influential person successful, knows better than anyone else how these tools work, and with the service Hyenas wanted to say thatobsession with perfection which can cause serious mental damageespecially to teenagers.

Belen in social networks: “It’s nice to be in front of everyone, but I went for an analysis”

Belen Rodriguez wanted to warn his fans and viewers with his participation in Hyenas. Problem How does it appear on social media? it’s not just about cosmetic surgerythere is no need to get there:Photo retouching that’s what we all do. The fact is that there are those who do this, but they eat much more and those who retouch their photos all day long or constantly think about how to look perfect. These people develop obsessive thinking. “
Belen then argued with a woman suffering dysmorphophobia, that is, an obsession with one’s own physical defects, real or imaginary. Incredibly, for some time she also suffered from this: “I went into psychoanalysis. With my trade you always in front of everyone and that’s obviously what I like. But there was a period, probably coinciding with my transition from child to woman, when I developed anxiety. Whenever someone gave me a lively compliment on the street, I couldn’t believe it was sincere. I thought he was only saying that because of my personality.”
Belen Rodriguez also touched on this issue in an interview with La Stampa, explaining how today’s problem is spreading upstream and through social media: “We we are the first to build an image, often dissonant with what is actually. […] Social networks often force us to play a role and we lose sight of everyday reality. Never like today.”

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