Post: The astrologer told you how you can manipulate different signs of the zodiac.

Astrologer Rashi Gaur told how to manipulate the representatives of the zodiac

MOSCOW, October 9 – RIA Novosti. We all sometimes resort to unconscious manipulation to force someone to do something. Not always for selfish purposes. Astrologer and numerologist Rashi Gaur talked about how to control representatives of different zodiac signs, author India times.

Aries It is important to be first in everything. If you let them feel that they are in control, they will be happy to do anything. But as long as they believe the initiative comes from them.

Taurus like luxury. Being among stylish people, they feel a surge of joy. If they are also given expensive gifts, they may decide to thank them in return.

Twins those who love freedom and do not obey orders. These qualities can be abused by others. For example, present several options for solving a problem so that it is difficult for them to choose. Meanwhile the Gemini gets confused, try to manipulate them.

in communication with crayfish It is easy to understand that it is necessary to put pressure on emotions, because they are sensitive natures. If they see someone upset, they are ready to do anything to help.

If one Lion they want to win by their side, they praise him. Representatives of this zodiac sign are extremely sensitive to praise.

hour developer analytical mindset and hard to manipulate. But some people understand. It is worth letting Virgo understand that she only has enough knowledge and skills to complete a task that no one else can do, and even the most conscious representatives of the sign will take the lead.

scales Strives for perfection. They are conquered by being praised and making it clear how great they are.

well scorpions Manipulation doesn’t work. After all, the astrologer claims that it was this sign who invented them. You can just ask them to do one thing. Scorpions see everything – cheating will not work.

“It will be fun! You will miss everything” – this phrase is enough to arouse interest Streltsov. After all, they are most afraid that something will overtake them.

Goat ambitious. You can talk about what will bring success and profit to get their attention.

Aquarius attracts the unknown. “The forbidden fruit is sweet” is about them. When the goal is to manipulate Aquarius, they are simply asked not to do anything.

The fish trying to help those in need. Therefore, they act like they are helpless if others ask them to do something for them.

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