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Post: Big brother Vip is in chaos: Pamela Prati will be notified of the foreclosure act right in the house


Woe to Pamela Praty. According to what Leggo reports, she will be notified of the foreclosure act at Big Brother Veep’s house.

Really serious problems for the Sardinian dancer Pamela Pratyamong the main characters seventh episode of Big Brother Vip. According to what the portal published I am reading, she will have to deal with an act of foreclosure, which will be reported directly to the Cinecittà House.

Gf Vip Bailiff will notify Pamela Prati of the arrest


Here’s what the Legalteams A Bond study says I am reading:

“This is an act to recover the legal costs owed by the dancer for the loss in the first and appeal instances of the civil suit filed against the famous Roman gym. […] The bailiff will go to notify the house of GF Vip.

“The act of foreclosure was registered at the house of Big Brother Vip, where Pamela Prati currently resides in accordance with the rules of the civil procedure code. Pamela Prati not only did not receive compensation from the gym, but was also sentenced to reimburse legal expenses incurred to defend against the artist’s petitions. Moreover, sentences convicting Pamela Prati to pay court costs have been published for several years, but so far it has not been possible to recover legal costs.”

There meadows he would have lost at first instance and on appeal a civil action against Gymnasium elcollection act is in place for legal fees after the outcome of the verdict. Such notification must be delivered directly to Big Brother Vip’s House after the dancer currently resides.

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