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Post: Lamborghini – The Man Behind the Legend: Ferruccio Lamborghini Story Film Trailer


While Michael Mann is still busy filming his film about Enzo Ferrari, Alice della Citta is about to present a biopic about his rival, the man behind legendary cars like the Miura and Countach.

The story is well known: Ferruccio Lamborghiniambitious and wealthy industrialist, owner of a large agricultural machinery company, passionate about sports cars and owning several ferrari. Cars, in respect of which, however, he did not hesitate to express harsh criticism. Just after one of these complaints Enzo Ferrari, another character with a bad temper, responded very badly by inviting him back to drive his tractors. Answer Lamborghini had to start producing his dream cars himself: that’s how legendary cars like Miura before and Counter then, able to compete on equal terms with Ferrari on the road and in the hearts of motorists.
Bye Michael Mann is finishing work on a biopic Enzo Ferrarithat’s what’s in Alice in the cityautonomous and parallel section Rome Film Festivalwill be presented in the world premiere on October 23, Lamborghini – the man behind the legendbiopic about Ferruccio written and directed by the director Bobby MorescoOscar-winning screenwriter crash.
Lamborghini as Ferruccio Frank Grillo from Captain America: Civil War, bye Gabriel Byrne is the rival of Enzo Ferrari. The cast also has room for Mira Sorvino, Hannah Van Der Westhui, Romano Reggiani, Fortunato Cerlino, rapper Clemente Maccaro aka Clementino, Lorenzo Vigano, Giovanni Antonacci (son of Biaggio Antonacci and grandson of Gianni Morandi), Matteo Leone and Francesca. Tizzano.
Lambirghini Legend Man produced by Lambo Film, an ILBE executive production and Notorious Pictures in association with Prime Video. The film is inspired by Ferruccio Lamborghini, The Official History (Minerva Edizioni), one of five books written by his son, entrepreneur Tonino Lamborghini, who really wanted the film.
Here is the first official trailer for Lamborghini – The Man Behind the Legend, which will be released in Italy on Prime Video in January 2023.

Lamborghini – Legendary Man: Official Movie Trailer

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