Post: A Tribute to the Great Noir Writers: Five Live Action Cult Films Based on the Masters of the Genre

From Dashiell Hammett to James Ellroy, here are five streaming films inspired by the work of noir literary masters.

Today we dedicate our cinephile exploration to a captivating and hypnotic genre such as “noir”, in its classical declension, but also in more modern interpretations. And we do this through the cinematic transposition of great writers, reimagined through the eyes and poetics of many filmmakers. So here are five streaming movies chosen to pay homage to a feature film that will never fail to command our admiration. Enjoy reading.

Five streaming films inspired by the great film noir writers

  • Secret of the Hawk
  • The flame of sin
  • Turn up the pianist
  • long goodbye
  • Los Angeles Confidential

Dashiell Hammett, The Secret of the Hawk (1941)

We could only start with the masterpiece that kicked off the great American noir season. John Huston leads Humphrey Bogart sharp and charismatic as ever in an adaptation that aesthetically steals the best expressionist styles and takes them to classic Hollywood. The result is an unrivaled film, the perfect combination of a gritty story and a powerfully elegant production. Secret of the Hawk categorically begins the path of the author within the genre. Unattainable. Available on Rakuten TV, KILOGRAMS, TEAMVision.

James M. Caine, Flame of Sin (1944)

Absolute genius Billy Wilder brings Cain’s novel to the big screen by co-writing it with Raymond Chandler. As they say, the best of the best of the best. The result is a legendary film, a pessimistic and painful film noir in which the protagonist Fred MacMurray and above all divine Barbara Stanwyck. The flame of sin revisits the genre in his own way and with a note of irony typical of the director. Moments of unprecedented erotic tension for that time with a very black and “dirty” ending. Great movie, lots of Oscar nominations including film, director, female lead and adaptation. Available on Rakuten TV, CHILE.

David Goodis, “Pull Up the Pianist” (1960)

An author who has always loved American genre films, like François Truffaut already doing noir in his second film. The result is a feature film that captures all the proactive power of the New Wave and channels it into a noir plot, reimagined and adapted for its time and transalpine setting. Turn up the pianist it’s a noir that talks about loneliness, love, existential dilemmas. In a word, author’s cinema in all its glory. Charles Aznavour As a main character, he’s just amazing. Truffaut will try again with us and Cornell Woolrich a few years later with bride in black, unfortunately not available in streaming mode. Available in CHILE, Amazon Prime Video.

Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye (1973)

If you bring Chandler’s genius to the big screen, then the director is “against” and always aims to devastate the myth as such. Robert Altmanonly from a movie can a special charm come out. long goodbye sees Philip Marlowe as private detective Elliot Gould to the best of his cunning and charming abilities. An extraordinary anti-hero, reflecting his time – the 1970s and the collapse of illusions and ideals – like no other in American cinema of that decade. With a different ending than in the book, even more black and painful. Great Bob’s masterpiece. Available on Apple iTunesAmazon Prime Video.

James Ellroy, LA Confidential (1997)

We end with a noir writer who took the lesson of the greats of the past and re-proposed it through a venomous, hyperbolic and gorgeous writing style. Los Angeles Confidential it’s actually an adaptation of two of Ellroy’s novels that turn everything into a film noir that is as elegant in vision as it is morbid in soul and characters. The result is an incredible film that brings out the best in the acting level given Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Kim Basinger, David Strathairn, Kevin Spacey As well as James Cromwell. Many Oscar nominations, statuette for screenplay and supporting actress. Titanic participated that year… Available on Rakuten TV, CHILI, Google gamesAmazon Prime Videos, Disney +.

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