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Post: Big Brother Vip, Antonino Spinalbes on Jael De Dona: “He’s always with me because…”


Antonino Spinalbese talks about his relationship with Jaele De Dona at Big Brother Vip’s house and then silences Ginevra Lamborghini.

Last few days, Jaele De Dona was furious with Antonino Spinalbese. because of the message Jeffino leaked without taking a stand on their relationship. Today, Former Belen Talks About Power Man And Reveals What He Said About Her In Confession Big Brother Vip.

Big Brother Vip, Antonino talks about Jael (VIDEO)

Jaele De Dona and Antonino Spinalbese were very close enough in recent weeks to stir up controversy for the fact that the powerful woman is married and despite living a sort of free love life has shown to be more jealous of the fact that the former Belén could feel something for Geneva Lamborghiniwho was worried about her husband’s reaction. After the last episode Big Brother Vip, Jaele exploded against Antonino, accusing him of conveying the message that she is the one seeking him and dependent on this relationship, which is instead two-way. Palando Co.n Carolina Marconi As well as Alberto De Pisis, Spinalbese tried to sidestep this hot topic but the two persisted, also accusing him of not taking clear positions.

“We all know that you have a soft spot for Geneva, but you are afraid because it is missing. Jaele is married and takes care of her husband, she is worried that she will pass for the mint because you are also looking for him but not taking a stand.”

Carolinewho, despite some small discussions and misunderstandings, is Jael’s friend, Antonino warnedwho, in turn, explained that he had said in confession that De Dona this is not his personal shadow, but is pushed towards him by the fact that several reports for Gf Vip.

“I made 50 thousand confessions in which I said that Jael was always with me also because no one talked to her. I always tried to justify it because it was the truth. I advised Giaela to make friends, and now that she has bonded with Antonella, I am happy that she is with her.”

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