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Post: Foreign companies plan to buy Russian films


Roskino: Foreign companies plan to buy Russian movies and TV series

MOSCOW, November 10 – RIA Novosti. Russian film companies presented their projects at the Asian content market TIFFCOM Online 2022, the Roskino press service reported.

Buyers from China, India, Malaysia, Japan showed the most interest in family movies, action movies and horror movies. Negotiations continue for the Little Red Riding Hood project.

Also, buyers from China, Indonesia, Korea and India enjoyed the family adventure movie “Chuk and Gek. Big Adventure”. The press service noted that the pictures “Barboskiny” and “Luntik and his friends” were taken by representatives of Malaysia, Japan, China, India.

Negotiations are also ongoing with VOD platforms from Japan and South Korea to sell the rights to the “Elizabeth” and “Bloody Lady” costume dramas.

These projects and other historical series (“Ekaterina”, “Sofia”) aroused the greatest interest among buyers. Meetings were held with film industry representatives in Spain, Brazil, India, China and other countries, the report said.

Withdrawn from Elizabeth series
Withdrawn from the TV series “Elizabeth”

Comedy “Eve, give birth!” about an eccentric dance teacher caught the attention of buyers from South Korea, the United States, Brazil and Indonesia. The comedies “Ivanovs-Ivanovs”, “Kitchen. Hotel Battle” also aroused interest.

Buyers from South Korea and Taiwan also watch documentary projects. “Currently, the terms of sale of a film package dedicated to environmental protection are “Invisible Hope”, “Arctic. Risky Expedition”, “Land of the Bears” and the documentary cycle “Armageddon” go to Taiwan”.

Source: Ria

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