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Post: Bakhrushin Museum launched a project about the theater during the Great Patriotic War


Bakhrushin Museum launched a project about theatrical life during the Great Patriotic War

MOSCOW, October 20 – RIA Novosti. Bakhrushin Theater Museum has launched an online project dedicated to the history of theatrical life during the Great Patriotic War. The press service of the museum presented a number of digitized exhibits for the first time, including diaries, photographs, theater posters and facade newspapers.

“The Bakhrushinsky Museum will provide access to documentary chronicles from the Great Patriotic War. Previously unpublished historical documents from the museum’s archives will be made available to the public in the online project Front Roads of the Theater. Dozens of unique materials from the museum’s funds will be made available to the public from the museum’s archives,” the message writes. .

As RIA Novosti noted at the museum, the project will be available from October 20. The magazine will be shown for the first time to publish the diaries of the front brigades “Theatre on the Front” for the years 1942-1943, developed by the employees of the Bakhrushinsky Museum and given to the artists.

“These 60 handwritten pages, preserved today along with receipts from the diaries, are true proof of the support of our soldiers by the theater community during the Great Patriotic War,” the museum director Kristina Trubinova quoted the press service. she said.

Photo of Zinaida Pavlovna Dmitrieva as Shura Azarova in the play A long time ago
The repertoire of the front-line concert brigade of the NKVD of the Central Police Department.  1941-1944

You will be able to see photos, theatrical posters, programs and repertoire of the front line brigades of the concert brigade of the Maly Theater, Central Children’s Theater and Central Police Department NKVD. Also, thanks to the surviving transcripts of conversations with artists who visited the front, portal users will get acquainted with the live narration of the opera soloist of the USSR State Academic Bolshoi Theater Galina Nechaeva and the foreman of the front brigade. Leningrad Gorky Bolshoi Drama Theater Georgy Samoilov.

EMKolosova, ESNikulina, TEGrubert, VAFilippov and NMKazansky
Daily Red Army newspaper of the North-Western Front for the Fatherland

On the digitized pages of the front newspapers “Comrade War”, “Battle Cavalry”, “Red Chernomorets”, “For the Fatherland”, “Crimean War”, “Forward to the Enemy”, “Red Crimea”, “Commune Poster”, “War Poster”, You can read articles about the front-line actors of “Soviet Kyrgyzstan”, the performances of theater groups from the theaters of Leningrad, Moscow, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, and the front-line concert brigade of masters. Art of Kyrgyzstan,” he said.

In addition, the portal will feature an album of museum curator Veniamin Yermolov with photographs depicting the life of the museum during wartime, and a diary of the “Iskra” front-line theater, the ensemble of artists from Moscow’s “Red Army Stage”. The State Theater, named after the Lenin Komsomol, was directed by the theater’s artistic director, Grigory Palin. The front life of the theater is told in 139 pages from September 1941 to June 1945.

The wartime performances section will be supplemented with material on the play “Long ago”, based on Alexander Gladkov’s play written in 1940 and first staged in 1941. Rare photographs and a poster from Valentin Pluchek’s collection, who staged this performance on the stage of the Northern Fleet Drama Theater in 1942-1943, will also be published.

Source: Ria

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