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Post: Men and women, former knight Marcello Messina says: “Ida pretends to be inside the transmission. That’s how it really is.”


The former Turin knight of the throne of men and women Marcello Messina is back to talk about his former dating show, the famous Sicilian lady Ida Platano.

Former Turin knight of the throne of men and women, Marcello Messinahe returned to talk about his former dates on a dating show, with a famous Sicilian lady,Ida Platano, who left the program with Alessandro Vicinanza.

Men and women: “Ida is completely different outside the program,” says Marcello Messina.

Speaking about their relationship, a former fan said:

“I’m happy if they decide to go outside. They have chosen normal relationships in everyday life and I can only be happy.

Concerning Ida, Messina he said:

“For the little I know of Idu, I think she is a person who does her best outside of the program. I hope it can be something lasting for her. He seems like a good boy to me and I wish them all the best. And when she falls in love, she falls in love. I could not wish evil even to those participants who beat me. I lived it inside and out of the show and one of the problems between me and her was that difference. Memory I “She has a memory of a real person outside of the transmission. In my opinion, in the transmission it is difficult for her to express what she really wants to say. Not everyone has the gift or ability to make us understand. She does not take this clarity and emotions top, the fact that she is in transmission.Hence, the real Ida is out of transmission.She is a very generous woman in terms of emotions and personality.I can’t speak badly about a person who, in my opinion, the qualities, even if they are not Fini’s result with himself.”

“Ida is very present, really (outside the show). If I were a spectator, maybe I would have a different opinion. On TV, I don’t see the Ida I met in person”

Marcello also convinced that Armando Incarnato really not predisposed to seek love on dating shows:

“It seems clear to me that he is interested in something else. In my opinion, you must be predisposed to achieve the goal. In ten plus years, it is impossible that you could not find a person with whom you would try to live something real and lasting ., if this is true. In everyday life, great loves begin and end, but one must at least try. It seems clear enough that in this case there is no will. There is one particular one and I wish him to find his love, if only he wanted to. But he really doesn’t want that, it seems clear to me that he’s interested in something else.”

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