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Post: 2022 Prix Goncourt winner announced


French writer Brigitte Giraud wins the 2022 Goncourt Prix

PARIS, 3 November – RIA Novosti. The Prix Goncourt was awarded to French writer Brigitte Giraud on Thursday 2022 for her novel Vivre vite.

The ceremony for announcing the results of France’s most prestigious award in literature was traditionally held at the Paris restaurant “Drouan” (Drouant). The broadcast was made by the BFMTV channel.

“The Goncourt Prize… was awarded to Brigitte Giraud,” said Paul Constant, member of the Goncourt Academy.

This year, Italian-Swiss and Haitian writers Giuliano da Empoli and Mackenzie Orcel and French writer Chloe Korman were also shortlisted.

In 2021, Senegalese-born Mohamed Mbougar Sarr won the Men’s Most Secret Memory award.

The award was given to the best novel in French in over a hundred years. It is named after the Goncourt brothers – Edmond Louis Antoine and Jules Alfred Huo. The youngest, Edmond, bequeathed his fortune to the literary academy known as Goncourt, which awards an annual prize of the same name.

Source: Ria

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