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Post: Lancome and Yves Saint Laurent brands will continue to supply cosmetics to Russia


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Lancome, Redken, Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani will continue to deliver products to Russia

MOSCOW, November 7 – RIA Novosti. According to RIA Novosti, speaking to the press service of the ministry, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has banned the parallel import of perfumes and cosmetics, as Lancome, Redken, Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani and Kerastase are ready to restart deliveries to Russia. .

“Yes, these brands are included in the exceptions, and therefore parallel importation is impossible for them. This was possible due to the willingness of companies to continue to deliver their products to Russia,” the ministry said. Said.

Exceptions will take effect within three months. Thus, those who purchased products under the parallel import program will have time to bring them to Russia.

The brands were added to the parallel import list in early August. At the same time, in May, the head of the department, Denis Manturov, announced the negotiations to resume the supply of cosmetics from leading manufacturers.

After the launch of a special military operation to navy and demilitarize Ukraine, the West increased sanctions pressure on Moscow. The restrictive measures mainly affected the banking sector and the field of high-tech products. Many countries have announced the freeze of Russian assets, and some companies have ceased operations in the country.

At the end of March, the Russian government legalized parallel imports to meet the demand for foreign goods. The Ministry of Industry and Trade also emphasized that this mechanism does not mean the legalization of counterfeit goods, the measure includes the import of original goods, but through alternative supply channels.

Source: Ria

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