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Post: Studio Ghibli with Lucasfilm for Star Wars? Upcoming Star Wars Visions Coming Soon?


Studio Ghibli took to social media to announce a collaboration with Lucasfilm: they were big absentees from Star Wars Visions…maybe there was a good reason for that?

In the first months 2023 will come Disney + in streaming new season Star Wars visionsshort films souls made by prestigious studios and set in a galaxy far, far away star Wars: The first nine were released over a year ago, and there is anticipation for a new set of stories. Among the authors in the first round, there were still not enough Studio Ghiblifamous house Hayao Miyazaki As well as Isao Takahata. Absence will no longer be a burden.

Studio Ghibli and Lucasfilm, what’s on the Star Wars horizon?

Considering the mysterious and vague teaser shares Studio Gibili on the Twitterwho sees the logos of the studio and Lucasfilm together in the same seconds, it’s almost good that the birthplace of creativity Isao Takahata As well as Hayao Miyazaki was not explicitly declared as a cog for the next Star Wars visions on the Disney +. Because such a separate announcement makes you think not only about theirs contribution to the seriesbut also to more the project is fully implemented by the studiomovie or series.
To be more precise, in the teaser there is no clear mention of star Warsand while it’s okay to associate Lucasfilm with that world, there’s nothing stopping us from dreaming The New Adventures of Indiana Jones studio-cooked, or perhaps even more in line with Ghibli’s poetics, a spin-off Labyrinth – Where everything is possiblewhy not? Willow we’re tempted to rule it out given that, in addition, its episodic live revival is already kicking off on November 30th on the platform. It’s appropriate to say this more than ever: let’s stay tuned.

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