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Post: More Trouble for Kevin Spacey: Check Out Another Harassment Allegation


New allegations of assault and sexual harassment against Kevin Spacey. This worsens his position in view of the June process.

Per Kevin Spacey there is no way to regain some emotional and professional stability. The actor, after he was overwhelmed by scandals and accusations (never fully substantiated) from V.sexual abuse of men and minors, trying to stay afloat and regain lost trust. Hollywood turned its back, plunging him into a career-destroying media pillory. Only recently did he emerge victorious from a lawsuit against Anthony Rapp where he was accused of sexual harassment, and in which the judges dropped the charges because this fact did not exist. Now on the horizon yeah he sees another accusation against Kevin Spacey, which will further worsen his condition.

Between 2001 and 2004, there was allegedly the 100th incident of alleged violence.

In a trial scheduled for June, the British judiciary (the crime must have happened in England) said that in the trial against the plaintiff, two other charges accusation of – alleged – sexual harassment. The facts date back to the early 2000s, when a “new” victim, driven by all the people allegedly abused by Kevin Spacey, decided to come forward by revealing that he would have been raped by the actor between 2001 and 2004. As noted, these charges are added to the charges made in May last year. The two-time Oscar winner was previously charged with assaulting three men during a concert. moderate arc between 2005 and 2013. As with the most recent indictment, two reported cases also took place in England, to be precise: one in London and the other in Gloucestershire. Before and after Kevin Spacey has always pleaded not guilty. A trial date has been set for June 6 next year, and twists and turns are expected.

Just a witch hunt?

It all started when Kevin Spacey was about to start filming the sixth season of House of Cards. From the first accusations until today, the actor could no longer act, and his ousted from films and other projects. Some films, fearful of public reaction, never made it to theaters and were only distributed on streaming platforms. However, Spacey does not give up. He proclaims his innocence and speaks at trials. Forced to open up, the actor became deeply disillusioned with the world of Hollywood. Whether a crime has been committed or not, why continue the witch hunt until there is a proper trial?

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