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Post: Chiara Nasty, Covid-19 controversy: “I was right not to have been vaccinated before giving birth”


Newly-made mother Chiara Nasty some time ago said that she decided not to be vaccinated before giving birth. A comment that annoyed many subscribers who quickly responded. That’s what happened.

Answering questions from subscribers, influencer Claire Nastywho announced the birth of a child today thiago, testified that he did not want to receive the vaccine before delivery. A decision that some fans objected to.

Chiara Nasty is causing controversy for her comment about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Among the questions fans asked her in her Instagram inbox were Claire Nasty she also found herself answering a question regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, which the influencer admitted better not to do before childbirth.

However, the decision of the girl not to be vaccinated before the birth of the child outraged the followers. thiago, or rather the words spoken by him in support of this decision. Recall that this is not the first time Chiara Nasty got into trouble because of what she saidfor example, that classmate’s comment about a child that appeared in his stories.

Therefore, do not surprise with your releases yet. But also on topic – Covid-19, vaccines and victims of the pandemic are his fans a little more sympathy was expected from his speeches. In fact, an influencer said about the prenatal vaccine:

In the end, I managed, nothing changed … I probably would have had problems with the vaccine too. I hate commitment… I always do the opposite.”

The statement that caused a wave of indignation on the Web, especially on Twitterwhere the story was reprinted several times. Negative comments abounded, from the simplest accusation of ignorance to accusations of disrespect for those who have lost loved ones due to Covid-19. In a word, a real storm broke out on the field. new mom Chiara Nastya for his statements.

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