EntertainmentOut of the blue: Family comedy trailer hits Prime...

Out of the blue: Family comedy trailer hits Prime Video


Starring Diego Abatantuono, Violante Placido, Lodo Genzi, Nino Frasica, Antonio Catania, Michele Foresta, Gloria Guida, Anna Galiena and a very young Sara Ciocca, this film by Francesco Patierno will debut on streaming on December 1st.

The family comedy boasts a truly stellar cast. Suddenly Christmaswhat we will see broadcast from December 1 on Prime Video and the official trailer of which we will show you below. Because the protagonists of this emotional story, set in a hotel in the Alps in the summer that magically turns into Christmas, are some of the most famous and respected faces of Italian cinema: Diego Abatantuono, Violante Placido, Lodo Genzi, Anna Galiena, Anthony Catania, Michael Forest (better known as Magical forest), Nino Frassicaone Guide to Fame return to the screens after many years of absence, and Sara Chokkawhich we also saw in movies like The most beautiful day in the world, goddess of luck As well as monster family.
Producer Francesco Patierno (The early bird catches the worm, People who are ok) the film sees Abatantuono as a grandfather who risks selling his beloved hotel and tries to keep his adored granddaughter (Ciocca), a couple clearly in crisis (Plácido and Gwenzi), and a priest (Frassica) who does not accept the failure of the marriage he celebrated.
it Trailer Suddenly Christmaswhich is produced Guglielmo Marchetti per notorious pictures.

For Chiara (Sara Ciocca), Christmas is a special moment, even more so than for any child. In fact, every year Christmas is also an opportunity to see your adored grandfather Lorenzo (Diego Abatantuono), the owner of a delightful high-altitude hotel where family celebrations take place. However, this year, Chiara’s parents, Alberta (Violante Placido) and Giacomo (Lodo Guenzi), decide to get in the car in the hot August sun to visit Lorenzo during the off-season because they need him to give Chiara the bitter news: they’re splitting up. Perhaps if he had told her, the girl would have suffered less … Her grandfather, already in crisis because he risks selling his beloved hotel, takes on the thankless task of breaking the news to his granddaughter, but first he wants to give her the last happy Christmas… mid-August!

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