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Post: Maxim Vitorgan’s stepmother revealed his whereabouts


Maxim Vitorgan’s stepmother Irina Mlodik revealed his whereabouts

MOSCOW, November 18 – RIA Novosti. Irina Mlodik, stepmother of actor Maxim Vitorgan, reported on his social network his whereabouts.

The entrepreneur posted a photo on the playground with his daughter. One of the subscribers in the comments asked when the artist will return to Russia.

“Isn’t Emmanuel’s son coming to Russia anymore?” ‘ the netizens asked.

However, Mlodik denied that Vitorgan stayed abroad.

The actor’s relative said, “What makes you think that he is leaving? In Moscow. Tomorrow we will celebrate Plato’s birthday together.”

The artist spent time in the company of other celebrities in Israel the previous day. Little Big vocalists Alla Pugacheva posed for a photo with Semyon Slepakov, Mikhail Shats* and Noize MC.

Earlier, Monetochka announced that she will be touring Europe after fleeing Russia. In December, he will visit Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and Tel Aviv with concerts.

* A person acting as a foreign agent.

Source: Ria

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