EntertainmentChiara Nasty, a trial for insults after childbirth has...

Chiara Nasty, a trial for insults after childbirth has begun


Chiara Nastya became a mother a few days ago and shared her joy on social networks. But, in addition to the many reports of love, there have also been many negative comments and insinuations. The immediate response was a lawsuit, the influencer’s mother-in-law said. That’s what happened.

For a young mother there is not a moment of peace Claire Nasty. Days after giving birth, constant negative comments have provoked a person close to the influencer, and it appears that a lawsuit is just around the corner.

Chiara Nasty, insinuations about the paternity of her son and a lawsuit

Sharing a moment on social media can be a double-edged sword for an influencer: in the case Claire Nasty, after a pregnancy controversy over classic words, the birthing photos on her Instagram profile sparked a wave of love and well wishes, as well as the usual controversy over revealing such private moments. However, there are those who have gone further and are now at risk of being sued with cereal.

Apparently, some haters made some very heavy insinuations, to which the direct participants decided not to respond, but to which the mother-in-law instead Claire Nasty. It all started when under the photo of the baby thiago and from Claire Nasty there were negative comments and that, even, doubted the paternity of the child.

The comments take their cue from flirting, which is Claire Nasty he would have with the Roma footballer Niccolo Zaniolo and that, therefore, he would be the real father of the son who Claire Nasty was from Mattia Zaccagni.

If the parent couple decided not to comment and ignore the comments, then the same cannot be said about the mother-in-law of the influencer: to protect her family and newborn grandson, mother Mattia Zaccagni decided that there would be legal consequences for the haters who wrote these insults:

The trial has already begun, you idiot!”

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