EntertainmentChanning Tatum hits a turning point in 'James Bond'

Channing Tatum hits a turning point in ‘James Bond’


You can see the new working draft of Channing Tootum. He will star in a new film from the director of Bullet Train

Didn’t even have time to start an advertising campaign Magic Mike: The Last Dance that the legendary Channing Tatum went headlong into another working project. Per sexy Hollywood actor this is a period of great initiation, considering that in the last two years he has taken part in several successful films with famous actors such as The Lost City, in which he co-starred with Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe. all the way to Lulu and me, in which he co-directed with Reid Carolyn. And now, with the expectation of seeing him again as a stripper in the third Magic Mike film, a role in David Leitch’s next film is on the horizon.

Channing Tatum after “Magic Mike” is already busy with a new project

The actor will star in the film with the working title Red Shirt, the director who recently directed Brad Pitt in Bullet Train and brought the Deadpool sequel to the big screen. After that, Tatum returns to work for David Leitch. cameo he had on the bullet train and in a new project already under construction, he acts not only as the main character, but also as a co-producer. The American media is describing “Redshirt” as a powerful action movie with streaks of spy drama that could be the turning point in James Bond for Channing Tatum. This is not an original project, more precisely, The director was inspired (very faintly) by Simon Kinberg’s original story., screenwriter best known for the X-Men saga. At the moment, no other details are known, nor a possible release in theaters, but at the moment the project has a lot of expectations. Also because, judging by the leaked news, the film is conceived as the first chapter of a possible action franchise.

David Leitch, who started his career as a stuntman.

Few, perhaps, are aware of this little curiosity about the Red Shirt director. Before debut behind the camera he started working as a stuntmanto then direct a Fast & Furious spin-off called Hobbs & Shaw and find dedication to Explosive Blonde and Deadpool 2. This is the first project he starts after the big critical and audience success received by the bullet train.

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