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Post: Amici, 22, the daughter of a famous Italian singer, enters school as a student. What are we talking about?


A new student has arrived at Amichi’s school. This is the daughter of a famous Italian singer. Let’s find out everything about her.

Latest news about School of the Friends of Maria de Filippi they certainly give entry to the school to a new student. A student with a famous last name because she is the daughter of a very beloved Italian singer.

Angelina Mango enters her Amici school

His admission to school will be in the issue of Sunday 20 November next. Among the advances given SuperGidaTV actually have a task Ascaniusthe last to arrive at the song contest, against a new student, Angelina.

Her surname was not called, but now it turned out that she is the daughter of a beloved Italian singer, who, unfortunately, passed away a few years ago. His full name Angelina Mango but in fact she is the daughter of a famous singer and songwriter mango.

The young singer was born in 2001 from Mango’s relationship with Laura Valente., former voice of Matia Bazaar. The couple married in 2004 and have another son, Philip. The singer-songwriter passed away in 2014 after falling ill while performing on stage. His sudden death was deeply experienced and experienced.

Now we will hear your daughter’s voice Angelina Mango in the talent show Maria DeFilippi. And, who knows, it may bring us very pleasant surprises.

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