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Men and women, Armando Incarnato betrayed by Ida Platano: the drama is over


In the new episode of “Men and Women” that airs today on Channel 5, Armando Incarnato accuses Ida Platano of not caring about their friendship.

AT new edition of the series “Men and Women”live today Channel 5, formed a new couple that leaves the studio Maria De Filippi Dating Show. They continue discussions between Ida Platano, Riccardo Guarnieri, Alessandro Vicinanza and Roberta Di Padua and this time we also inserted The incarnation of Armando furious with the Brescian lady.

Men and women, is Armando Incarnato turning his back on Ida Platano?

While the pair of thrones is formed Fabiano and Christiana leave Men and Women together, ready to live this love away from the cameras, Richard Guarnieri still sad that Ida Platano behaves inconsistently Alexander Proximity with whom, moreover, she had not exchanged more than a kiss in three months. Roberta Di Padua keeps claiming that Alessandro is staring at herand attack Ida pointing out that anyone else in his place would be killed for dating someone and not yet decided whether to date him or not.

Suddenly, another argument breaks out, this time between Armando Incarnato and plane tree who stopped greeting the Neapolitan knight with whom she seemed to be so close, because she saw a relationship with Roberta that he did not like. Armando is disappointed and embittered for the treatment that Idto he reserved for him, stating that friendship was very important to him and that he did not expect such a gesture from the Brescian lady.

We then move on to Alexander S. who dates three ladies including Eleanorwhich seems to have struck him the most physically and mentally. There were intimate moments between them, but the knight wanted to point out that the relationship was not consummated, and then began a confusing history of knowledge that confused everyone. Eleanor, for her part, confessed that she had no true love for Alessandro. physical attractiveness to the knight, but find it interesting from a mental point of view, to continue this frequent visit. Meanwhile, Alessandro announces that will be released the same evening with Eleonora, Desdemona and Paola dividing the evening between three ladies. Those present are very skeptical of this knowledge, so much so that even Maria De Filippi steps in to laugh at the situation.

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