EntertainmentMen and women, Federico Dainese: "I am not superficial,...

Men and women, Federico Dainese: “I am not superficial, it is difficult for me to express myself in public”


Tronista Federico Dainese responds to the criticism received in the magazine “Men and Women” by columnist Gianni Sperti.

Frederic Deinez is one of the main characters of the new season Men and women. In an interview with the official weekly Maria De Filippi Dating ShowLigurian throneist summed up his journey on the throne and broke the silence on constant bickering in the studio with columnist Gianni Sperti.

Federico Dainese responds to criticism

Frederic Deinez continued to be at the center of criticism. Cause? Many do not believe his way to the throne Men and women. Primarily a historian-commentator Gianni Spertiwho never missed an opportunity to speak his “superficial” behavior. On this occasion, Federico said:

I’m sorry and I feel misunderstood. In the studio, I find myself arguing primarily with Gianni, who often says that I approach relationships superficially … First of all, I would like to understand what is meant by “superficial”: maybe I like to laugh, and I love life, or that I don’t put my frustrations or my problems in their place? Or maybe my superficiality lies in the fact that I am attracted to women both for their mind and for their beauty? On the other hand, I wonder if a person can only define themselves as “deep” if they prefer difficult relationships, or if they don’t laugh, or if they are open about their weaknesses and problems.

Tronista Men and women he continued answering criticism and accusations received by the program:

I think that he, perhaps, like others, is confusing the fact that I like to joke and prefer a “soft” approach to sentimental relationships with supposedly superficiality. True, it is difficult for me to express my feelings in public, but this does not mean that I am devoid of feelings. I believe that three years of the pandemic, practically lived in the twenties, determined everything: now I want to catch up, I want to play, learn, laugh and love … if this is superficial, then of course I am …

I think he is right about a lot of things, including my career path. I wish Gianni would try to better understand my age and realize that I, like so many others, was almost frozen three years ago… In short, I wish he could see beyond what is happening on the surface. Having said that, yes, I would like to present myself better, but without misrepresenting myself and playing the role of a mature fanatic who pretends to be an adult. Then we could spend the evening together!

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