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Post: Chiara Nasty, very harsh accusations against the influencer: “You are half a mother.” And she answers like this


Chiara Nastya became a mother a few days ago, but the haters haunt her. Apparently, there are those who accuse her of not being a real mother, but the influential person is not there, and she is in charge of an eye for an eye. That’s what he said.

New mother has no rest Claire Nasty: a few days after the baby is born thiagocompanion Mattia Zaccagnihas faced criticism of all kinds. The last of these is a serious attack on her image as a mother.

Chiara Nasty: “But where does all this evil come from ?!”

Only yesterday we told you that because of the ironic, but not at all funny comments that questioned the paternity of the little Thiago, mother-in-law of influencer Chiara Nasty would start a lawsuit. However, this does not appear to have stopped social media users from leaving negative comments. Claire Nasty for the way she takes care of her newborn son.

It is true that the influencer has always been at the center of the gossip because of certain statements – see, for example, a classist statement addressed to one of his followers – or certain gestures made, such as a gender reveal party organized in a stadium. Olimpico, but such hateful comments are hard to swallow, especially when they question maternal values ​​and love.

Below is an Instagram video showing a house decorated for the baby’s arrival. Thiago and the new motherthe user considered himself entitled to comment:

“A real mother raises her children, she doesn’t have Filipinos doing everything! All these half-baked pseudo-mothers make these children the result of careful economic choices, primarily to be supported not by workers, but by football players or celebrities full of money. , or make a profit and monetize these creatures that they will hold in their hands long enough for a photo! Never say they are real mothers because they don’t do anything that mothers do.”

Claire Nasty she did not allow herself to be intimidated and answered these petty remarks:

“But where does all this evil come from? Sometimes I feel ashamed of you, people ask me how I can bear all this, but the truth is that everything that is written is the opposite of who I am, this is precisely so that I always associated it with envy and disappointment. How can you think of having children in this world for fame and money?! What are your thoughts? Surely there are such people in the world, but this was never the goal of my life, given that they are independent already 10 years.However, I wish you the same happiness as me, you may even go crazy!”

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