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Post: Gf Vip, Silvia Toffanin lashes out at Pamela Prati: “I don’t believe her”, applause at Verissimo studio


During an interview with Orietta Berti, Silvia Toffanin talks about Pamela Prati and makes no allowances: harsh words from Verissimo presenter.

Yesterday, during the last meeting with very truewas a guest Orietta Berti who talked about his role as a columnist in Big Brother VIP. FROM Sylvia Toffaninsinger Emilian spoke about his adventure in a reality show Alfonso Signorini and the argument was addressed to one of the main characters of this issue, a Sardinian dancer Pamela Praty.

There Toffanin showed video Orietta his speeches before vip girlfriendclosing the film with the bickering we had with Pamela Praty. In this regard, the host asked her opinion on this matter:

“But look, Pamela told her whole story. I also told her that I may be close to her in heart, but not in mind, because this is such an unlikely story that I can’t believe it. You understand?”

The hostess, to the surprise of everyone, then spoke on meadowsthrowing her a real one airborne:

“No, but I don’t believe that either, Orietta, but who does? But do you think the story with Mark Caltagirone or the story with Marco Bellavia is more fake? Because more or less…

Sardinian dancer during business Caltagirone, she was a guest on the talk show Verissimo several times.. During the first interview, meadows continued to defend the identity of her betrothed, trusting Toffanin desire to show her photographs that testify to her existence. At the urging of the presenter, who wanted the audience to see them, the dancer suddenly left the studio, leaving everyone speechless. The former star Bagalino then returned to Verissimo. with tears in her eyes admitted that she was a victim of fraud. In that confidential moment when he revealed everything, Toffanin seemed to believe meadows but today it seems that he has completely changed his mind. There is another detail that should not be underestimated. Unlike other ex-Giffinis, Pamela never returned to the talk show studio. in which, as usual, former participants of the reality show take part.

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