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Men and women, Maria De Filippi is raising her son Federica Aversano, who burst into tears!


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Maria De Filippi speaks with an open heart to Federica Aversano, convinced that the throne of men and women does not do the best for herself.

During the last episode Men and Womenseeing Federica Aversano react sharply to the absence of a Roman fiance Frederick, Maria De Filippi took the throne hardalso lifting son Lucian. Here’s what happened during the last meeting with Dating show on channel 5.

Men and women, is Maria De Filippi tired of Federica Aversano?

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Having a strong character is not always a sign of success on the throne. Men and women. This is the case Federica Aversano who, although appreciated for her personal story and her determination, episode by episode becomes more difficult in the eyes of Canale 5 viewers and her suitors, who, feeling constantly accused, leave the program, as in the case of Roman. Frederick. Seeing his absence after another conversation, Federica started attacking a young admirermet with strong resistance from two commentators Gianni Sperti As well as Tina Cipollati.

“You think everyone got it wrong, he was the only one who was interested in you, how pissed he got because he cared about you. It was real, I notice it if someone is building.”

Gianni blurted out against the Neapolitan tronista and while Ida Platano and Roberta Di Padua had a fight Tina stated that the way to make out Federica alienates men, making them always feel like they’re under interrogation. Also Maria DeFilippiTired of seeing how a young girl complicates her life with her own hands, she took the floor and harshly pointed out her mistakes.

“You should stop being so proud, you’re not going anywhere, you stabbed him […] Are you afraid that you will be thrown? Do you think that by asking such questions, you do not take it? […] If a relationship as important as that with your child’s father goes wrong, you have your whole life ahead of you, as if you think you can’t go wrong because of a child. Don’t you think that your son prefers a happy mother, even if she is wrong, than a gloomy mother?

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Hearing about son Lucian, Federica was touched and burst into tears., admitting that she has many fears in relationships with men also because of her past. The audience Men and womenagreeing with the speech of the hostess, he considered the mention of the Neapolitan son inappropriate, who thus found himself in a difficult position, despite the fact that he was already in a moment of extreme confusion and excitement.

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