Post: Big Brother Vip, Oriana Marzoli confronts Antonino Spinalbesa in the middle of the night: “I’m angry because you…”

Oriana Marzoli allowed herself to have a sharp fight with Antonio Spinalbese after a Big Brother Vip live broadcast.

Relationships born in the House Big Brother VIP between Antonino Spinalbese and Oriana Marzoli continues to capture the attention of the audience. However, the behavior of the former Belen Rodriguez, who decided to move away a bit, made the influencer nervous, who at the end of the live broadcast she couldn’t hide her tears.

Oriana Marzoli’s flash after live Gf Vip

During the last episode Big Brother VIPbroadcast yesterday, Monday, November 21, 2022, Alfonso Signorini also wanted to talk about complicity born in a house between Antonino Spinalbese and Oriana Marzoli and his decision is not to be rushed. The choice that replaced the Venezuelan influencer who wanted to touch on this topic in the middle of the night:

I’m mad at you! You said you were afraid to be with me! You told me that “the problem is not with you, but with me,” I said this phrase to the boys when I was no longer interested in dating them. So if you told me it means you don’t want to know me anymore […] I realized that you don’t want to know me anymore…

According to Biccy, spinalbese Then he tried to calm her down Marzoli explaining my position better:

I’m sincere with you, I can’t pretend and today I can’t afford 100%! In front of the cameras, I can’t talk about myself calmly, you know, I told you. I’ve been unmarried for a year now, and the problem isn’t with you – or with the girls I dated – but with me. I can’t let go, I’m a father. […] I never spoke ill of you or spoke for you. I just told my friends that I have doubts about me and why I can’t let go. I understand that you do not want to take the bet, but you move on. If I wanted to stop knowing you, I would tell you, I would not talk to other people behind your back.

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