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Post: Big Brother Vip: “Oriana Marzoli is a bad person”: Micol Inkorvaya without mercy (VIDEO)


During an episode of Big Brother Vip on Canale 5, Micol Incorvaia reveals what she really thinks of Orian Marzoli.

In the house Big Brother VIPafter initial joy at seeing a sensual and vivacious woman enter Oriana Marzoli, dissatisfaction arose due to the controversial and cruel behavior of the Venezuelan. During the last bet on channel 5, Mikol Inkorvaya she takes some pebbles out of her shoes and confesses that she actually thinks about her Hispanic counterpart.

Big Brother Vip, Mikol vs. Oriana (VIDEO)

Oriana Marzoli became in a very short time the first stationary engine seventh episode of Big Brother Vip guaranteeing daily screams, fights, behind-the-scenes confessions and dynamics worthy of one prime time on Canale 5. Alfonso Signorini hit the mark, representing the fierce rival of the house of Cinecitta, who is used to appearing 24 hours a day in front of reality TV cameras and is ready to make her mark this season.

If initially the entrance to Oriana he was greeted with enthusiasm by almost everyone, as the Venezuelan was a perky and playful presence in the house, now there are more and more doubts about his sincerity. Having discovered that Marzoli mercilessly insulted her behind her back., Mikol Inkorvaya he had said enough and decided to impose himself, also explaining during the last gs vip episode what do you really think about giffin.

“We moved on with it, we discussed it. Repentance was not to read, but to come closer to me for 24 hours, and Edoardo Tavassi’s intention was pure and free from malice. At that time, I didn’t understand these impulses towards me, I thought they were laughing at me, then let’s add a hundredth impulse from Oriana… She is not only fake, but also a bad person.”

Mikol believes Oriana a negative person, as he is capable of talking about another woman like that for no reason, but she apologized, explaining that she was making a simple observation. Marzoli is definitely the villain of the seventh edition of Gf Vip., and her talkativeness – with a lively and very high tone – allowed her to respond as real mean girls would do, that is, to deny the opposite, despite the fact that the commercials are obvious. Not satisfied before also discussing with Edoardo Tavassi, ORiana called Mikola a fake saint and also crazy. What do you think?

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