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Big Brother Vip: The former member is a male and female throne candidate, that’s who he is.


Cristina Quaranta is ready to participate in Men and Women after her experience in Big Brother Vip.

Christine Quaranta she went back to talking about VIP Big Brother. In an interview with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, a controversial former member of the seventh edition Channel 5 reality show he summed up his journey in the famous Casa di Cinecittà and unexpectedly announced that he would clearly see how throne of men and women.

Cristina Quaranta: from Gf Vip to men and women?

A few weeks after it exclusion from the game, Christine Quaranta released a new interview with the weekly Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, in which she returned to talk about her experience on the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini. Without further ado, the former Giffina revealed that she would like to stay at the House for a few more months:

I would like to continue for at least two more months, I was very interested in the new people who came. Within a month I was clearing my cell phone, I didn’t miss it one bit. I was very happy in this house, but because of my character, I lasted too long! Of course you miss the people waiting for you outside, every morning I woke up thinking about my daughter Aurora. But I thank Alfonso for letting me know that in five years, maybe I’m ready to look for love.

Closed the chapter vip girlfriend, Kristina she allowed herself to go to one unexpected confession. Former Vippona really candidate for the throne of men and women along with his girlfriend Wilma Goitsch:

I could offer myself to Maria De Filippi as a Thronist for men and women. Maybe even with Wilma Goych, because she also realized that her heart was ready to fall in love again.

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