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Men and women: it is a war at a distance between Teresa Silia and Salvatore di Carlo, the wrath of the former throne


Rags fly between two former faces of the Men & Women dating show who got married after choosing the program.

Now there is a war between Teresa Celia and Salvatore di Carlotwo former dating show faces Men and women who met in 2015 at the studio Maria DeFilippigot married a year later. Teresa and Salvatore they were one of the longest-lived and close-knit couples born in the Canale 5 program, but the couple recently announced their breakup and it looks like the story ended for the two Sicilians in the worst possible way, between mutual accusations and reproaches.

Men and women: Teresa Chilia and Salvatore di Carlo, the former fiance spoke of making sacrifices to her, the former throne player replied that he never interfered with him in anything, stating: “I am angry and sorry, it was a blow below the waist. “

The former Sicilian throneist recently stated that the story of Savior this ended after the discovery of some of his messages, suggesting a betrayal. A former suitor who never responded to his ex-wife’s claims and was later seen in the company of a new girlfriend, although he still hasn’t formalized any relationship. Surprised, however, by the statements Charles who announced yesterday that he has returned to modeling and that he has had to quit many jobs in the past “for love”.

“It’s never too late to make your dreams come true,” Salvatore wrote on Instagram, “I’ve had to turn down too many similar offers over the years for love, for too long I’ve put others first and now I’ve decided that I will put others first.” place.only and always myself, my goals, what I want!

According to a former fan, There is he wanted to respond with a long post in which he spoke of such anger and frustration at hearing completely false accusations:

“Just because I’m a lady doesn’t mean the other person has the luxury of saying, ‘Fuck you, those girls fucked you all!’ No one ever forbade him to do anything, on the contrary, that he thought only and exclusively about playing football, he never thought about these things! If now his vision of life is different from what it was before, because maybe love can bind you in some ways, but take responsibility!

“I changed my whole life, but not because I was in love before and didn’t, I don’t play this game, I changed my life, because now I am a different person, I am one person and I don’t have to answer to anyone and explain. When you are married and engaged, this is my thought, inevitably you also have to show respect to the person next to you (…) at 35, when you get married, before you make a choice you share it with your partner, now I am single and I was reborn, but I do not deny the past, I do not say that before for the sake of love I did not do this, before for the sake of love I wanted this, I behaved as I wanted. I never forbade Salvatore anything!”

“I don’t want to wage war on social media, I’d rather have him in some kind of trouble instead of blocking me on Instagram and every possible and imaginable social media because he blocked me for at least 3 months I don’t know anything about Salvatore, even if I wanted to send him a message to tell him “Help” I can’t do that because I’m completely blocked, you went out the door, so how did you go out, you stay there saying if you really have to say something tell the truth i think i’m a lady and i’m proud of it what you did i’ll never say because i don’t need to denigrate you to shine, I still shine alone without you!”

“I am very angry, very sorry, it was really a blow below the belt,” Teresa concluded, “in life sometimes it is better to remain silent, because it is inconvenient to tell the truth (…) I hope this chapter is closed, I continue to wish him all the best. the best thing in this world, I hope he finds happiness..”

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