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1997 Escape from New York: Scream directors battling Kurt Russell reboot, isn’t the time right?


Another John Carpenter film that has long been on the verge of a reboot is the 1997 cult film Escape from New York. After several failed attempts, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the directors who have relaunched the Scream saga, will try.

Let us return to the conversation about the project, which has been going on for some time and which, on the one hand, electrifies, and on the other, makes tremble, first of all, those who in 1981 saw and adored in the cinema what many today consider a masterpiece of cinema. John Carpenter, 1997: Escape from New York. A dystopian, bittersweet and cynical film that, despite its now anachronistic date, brought to the big screen one of the most charismatic anti-heroes of all time, Snake Plissken, the Italian hyena played by Kurt Russell. There has been talk for some time about a reboot, with which he has been linked for some time as a director. Leigh Whannell. Now an American site Giant free robotpicked up by all the mainstream media, gives exclusive news not only about Russell’s return to the role, but also that the magical duo Radio Silence will be working on a reboot (a trio with Chad Vilella), Matt Bettinelli-Olpin As well as Tyler Gillettearchitects of the restart of the saga of scream.

New “Escape from New York”: will there be a right time?

The first 1997: Escape from New York was written A carpenter together with Nick Castle (also director and actor, who in the first films halloween played the role of Michael Myers) and became the film that started the former child star of Disney films, Kurt Russell, on the Olympus of the cool. Sequel to 1996 Escape from Los Angelesstill directed by Carpenter, less successful than the previous one, and for many years there was talk of Escape from Earth that he would see Plissken in space. At the moment it is not known what they will collect Bettinelli-Olpin As well as Gillette past suggestions, but almost certainly John Carpenter will play an active role, as in the recent Halloween reboot series. Specialized sites such as Damn disgusting, commenting on the news, they say that negotiations between the directors and 20th Century Studios are indeed underway, albeit at an early stage. And exclude the presence Kurt Russell, as the actor has not yet been contacted. At present, in short, it is only about rumors with a real basisso we can only wait for denials or confirmations.

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