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Post: Men and women, “Ida Platano is still connected to her past”, confession of a former knight


The former Turin knight of the throne of men and women Marcello Messina returned to the conversation about his former visit to the dating show, the famous Sicilian lady Ida Platano: “Try to continue, but …”.

L’former Turin knight of the throne of men and women Marcello Messinahe returned to talk about his former acquaintance on the dating show, a famous Sicilian lady, Ida Platano.

Men and women: “Ida Platano is still connected to her past,” says Marcello Messina.

On MondoTV24, Messina he said he was convinced that the 40-year-old Sicilian still tied to his past, despite the recent decision to leave the program along with Alexander Proximity.

“I’ve been following the program as a whole, as far as Ida’s journey is concerned, I see a person trying to move forward… but still tied to her past. I see a ‘slight’ attempt on her part to shake things off (with Riccardo, ed.) “.

On the possibility that between Ida and Alexander whether the relationship would last, the former knight hoped, inevitably expressing some doubts.

Talking about getting out, much discussed between Riccardo Guarnieri and Roberta Di Padua, Messina he declared“I really think it was done out of self interest” and quarrels between Ida and Roberta, “At the heart of the discussions, I saw not feelings, but competition”

Recently, Marcellus, sharply attacked Armando Incarnato, one of the most popular faces on the dating show. According to a former rider, Armando he is clearly interested in the television context, not love:

“It seems clear to me that he is interested in something else. In my opinion, you must be ready to reach the goal. For more than ten years, it is impossible to find a person with whom you can try to live something real and lasting. , if you really want to. In everyday life, great loves begin and end, but you have to at least try. It seems to me quite clear that in this case there is no will. There is one in particular and I wish him to find love, if only he wants it. But in fact, he does not want this, it seems clear to me that he is interested in something else.

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