EntertainmentSpielberg predicted Oscar Tarantino while they were hunting ducks

Spielberg predicted Oscar Tarantino while they were hunting ducks


When Pulp Fiction made the list of seven Oscars, Steven Spielberg called aspiring young Quentin Tarantino and offered to spend the day hunting ducks with him and Robert Zemeckis.

In a recent interview with the legendary Howard Stern in his radio show, one of the best and most famous directors of our time told a delicious anecdote. Quentin TarantinoThe 59-year-old has won twice Academy Award: scripted first crime novel (1994) and second on script Django Unchained (2012). Let’s focus on the first win because the director reminded the microphone strict something that happened a few weeks before the award ceremony, which took place in February 1995.

crime novel recovered seven Academy Award nominationsnot much of a surprise because the film had already gained prestige a few months earlier Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and it was one of the most talked about games of the year. However, one of the contenders that year was Forrest Gump from Robert Zemeckisanother memorable name for American cinema that was nominated for 13 Oscars and won 6including best film. When a radio host asks his host if he is friends with Steven Spielberg, Tarantino he explains that every three or four years he goes to his house, then they have dinner together and talk for hours. But it’s really interesting to hear the story of their meeting in 1995.

One day Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis and John Milius went hunting

“The Oscars were coming up and Steven Spielberg called me to ask if I’d like to go hunting with him, Robert Zemeckis and John Milius.” tells Tarantino his sonorous voice and accent is always above the average mere mortal. The director explains that he was a “newcomer” and that they were all impressed crime novel. Since it will be in competition with Zemeckiseach with their own film for all season awards, an idea Spielberg it was about doing something together because, after all, everyone was an artist and it was important to be friends with each other. Tarantino never went to the woods to hunt ducks, but enthusiastically accepted the invitation.

Stephen said something to me that day that I have never heard from anyone else. In a way, he prides himself on knowing the film industry well, and on that occasion he spoke to me in a very pragmatic way. We were walking in the woods, he was in front of me and said “this is what will happen to the Oscars” when the nominations were not yet announced. “I don’t think you’ll win the Best Picture Oscar, I think Bob will. [Zemeckis] and I think Bob will always win the Oscar for Best Director, but… I’m sure you’ll win for Best Original Screenplay.”

At that moment, he turned to me, looked at me and said: “The golden man in the second film … not bad.” Hearing Oscar referred to as the “golden man” was amazing.

Below is a video of the awards ceremony where Anthony Hopkins named winners of the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay crime novel, Quentin Tarantino As well as Roger Avery.

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