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Post: A group from Krasnoyarsk OTYKEN was not allowed to participate in the World Cup


OTYKEN Group from Krasnoyarsk not allowed to play at World Cup in Qatar

MOSCOW, November 22 – RIA Novosti. The group OTYKEN from Krasnoyarsk was not allowed to perform at the opening of the World Cup in Qatar, although the organizers sent them an invitation. musicians reported About it on your YouTube channel.

“We were going to perform at the World Cup in 2022. We were invited. However, unfortunately, Russian artists and athletes were banned from participating. The news is sad,” the team members complained.

However, they added that they are not upset and hope to attend the event in the future.

The artists said, “But we are not sorry. We have four more years to get there. We should have paved the way for Russian artists there first.”

The team’s producer, Andrei Medonos (Chernetsov), explained to RIA Novosti how they learned about his decision not to enter the championship.

“We were invited and worked with the organizers for a long time on the details. They even sent us an agreed performance schedule: two or three concerts a day were scheduled for ten days. But shortly before the start of the championship, the bandmaster sent a letter with a preliminary apology and the following statements: If no more letters come from us, this trip will be cancelled, ”the group manager shared.

At the same time, Medonos pointed out that OTYKEN does not have any claims against the host country.

Medonos said: “We have no claims against Qatar. We represent Russia and are known all over the world. However, we still had certain expenses in preparation. It is a pity that we cannot compete in the championship.”

OTYKEN is a community of Siberian natives, consisting of a composition of small peoples (Chulyms, Kets, Selkups, etc.). The band sings the ancient melodies of the region in a modern style. They have participated in the international “Khoomei” festival in central Asia, The Lunar Codex space program from Space X (NASA), and the Global Spin project from the Grammy Academy of Music.

Source: Ria

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