Post: Blade: found a new director for the reboot of the cinematic with Mahershala Ali

After the departure of director Bassam Tariq, a reboot of Blade, a comic book starring Wesley Snipes that will interpret Mahershala Ali in the new version, seemed in jeopardy, but a replacement was quickly found.

Great news for a reboot BladeCinematic Marvel s Wesley Snipes who will be played by the outstanding actor that he is Mahershala Ali, two-time Oscar winner. After the news of the director’s departure Bassam Tariq, due to the constant postponement of the film, it seemed that the project could suffer a long setback. What is certain is that filming will now begin in 2023 in Atlanta, with the release currently pushed back to September 6, 2024. But Marvel found a new director Jan Demangeas well as screenwriter.

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Replace Bassam Tariqwho is still an executive producer, Marvel called Jan DemangeFrench director born in Paris but raised in London, author of films such as 71 years old As well as The True Story of White Boy Rick and episodes of horror series such as Determined to make a choice As well as Lovecraft Country. He currently serves as an executive producer and director for the series. Scanners for HBO. For him, this is the first high-profile film project in international cinema. Enter the project with him Blade new screenwriter, Michael Starberrydebuted in films, but the screenwriter of such series as When they see us As well as Colin in black and white. Starberry substitutes Stacey Osi-Coffour. In short, we are starting over for one of the most anticipated films by fans.

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