EntertainmentMen and women, Armando Incarnato announces that he is...

Men and women, Armando Incarnato announces that he is ready to leave with…


On “Men and Women” airing today on Canale 5, Armando Incarnato announces his intention to leave the program under unexpected circumstances.

AT new edition of the series “Men and Women”live today Channel 5, Riccardo Guarnieri is jealous of Ida Platano and it’s hard to hide. The incarnation of Armando he has a serious quarrel with Cristina, heavy accusations fly, and Gianni Sperti also participates in the discussion. While the Neapolitan knight declares vOler go soon, Lavinia Mauro disappointed Alessio.

Men and women, Armando Incarnato in tears: what happened?

There new edition of the series “Men and Women” resumes from confrontation between Riccardo Guarnieri and Ida Platano. When the Apulian knight learns that the Brescia lady has spoken on the phone to the mother of Alessandro Vicinanza, the reaction is very strong and Maria De Filippi invites him to leave the studio to soothe your embarrassment. Bye Roberta Di Padua, who almost got into a fight with Idaprefers not to comment, sits in the center of the studio The incarnation of Armando. The Neapolitan knight came out with a new lady, infuriating him Kristina who claims that he still has something unfinished. Woman he accuses Armando of doing everything to prevent their acquaintancedisappearing from time to time when she wanted to commit, stating that she stayed in “Men and Women” exclusively for him.

In the studio, everyone scolds the Neapolitan, accusing him of not taking his friends seriously, and one escapes bad discussion between Armando and Gianni Spertiwho defends Christina with a drawn sword. Meanwhile, Incarnate claims to have dated Antonella and that I had a great time with her, speaking to Christine that he said she would be more interested in creating momentum in the program than actually getting to know her. Antonella talks about the perfect date with Armando, but Gianni intervenes, pointing out that the first walk with a knight is always like this, then he will start to pick on the lady on duty to unload her. Cornered, Incarnato says he’s been getting nasty questions from Cristina, secretly accusing her of being interested in his money and his lifestyle. The version of the facts is completely refuted by the lady, who denies the accusations and states that it is Armando who is showing off his house. The Neapolitan announces his intention to want leave men and women in case Antonella is okay because she can no longer bear the situation, which he says affects the women he hangs out with.

After dancing in the center of the studio, Maria De Filippi notes that Gemma Galgani danced with Jacopo, a young knight who is not yet 50 years old. Although the Turin lady is very enamored, he declares that he is interested in another, namely Cristina, who confirms that she wants to stay in the Canale 5 program, despite saying that she wants to leave if Armando does not want to visit her anymore. He goes to classic throne with a throne Lavinia Mauro and a very tough fight with Alessio at the end of the last episode. The Neapolitan suitor is annoyed and disappointed by the Roman’s behavior, which he chose to keep. Alessio Campoli although the latter did not give her any evidence.

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