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Noir at the festival 2022: In the name of Tarantino, Commissioner Riccardi and Harlan Coben


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Noir in Festival 2022 was presented today. Here is the program of the thirty-second edition, dedicated to the return of Commissario Riccardi, Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and Harlan Coben, to whom he awards the Raymond Chandler Award.

Thirty-second edition Noir at festivals, which will be held in the city of Milan from 3 to 8 December. As always, the protagonist will be the noir genre in all its forms, with an eye primarily on cinema and literature, which are better than others at photographing and restoring reality.

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Producer George Gosetti, Marina Fabbri As well as Gianni Canova (IULM delegate), Noir at the festival 2022 it will take place in different places or cultural poles: MULM University, Cinema Arlekino Cineteca di Milano, Rizzoli Gallery Bookstore. To them is added House Manzoniin which five writers-finalists take part Giorgio Sherbanenko Prizewhich will be awarded on 3 December by a jury chaired by Cecilia Sherbanenkofor the best noir novel of 2022. It will be delivered Maurizio DeGiovanni, who again during the festival will present “Fireplace”long-awaited return book Commissioner Alfredo Ricardi. This will be instead Multiplex Eliseo spend the opening night of the event. In the end, CinéMagenta63 space of the French Institute in Milan will open the door in tribute Bertan Tavernier and double festival Queué du Polar Lyon.

Starting from the cinema, he will open the section international competition new movie about Alessio Cremonini. Entitled prophets, recounts the dramatic imprisonment of an Italian journalist in ISIS military camps. It will also be presented on the first day Quiet night from Camille Griffinwith the main characters Keira Knightley As well as Lily Rose Depp. Of the 13 films in the official selection, we also want to highlight the Iranian subtraction (from Mani Hagigi), which tells about the current situation of women in Iran, a Ukrainian thriller in the style of Hitchcock Sashenka (from Alexandra Zhovna) and a new movie Steven Soderbergh Kimiinterpreted Zoe Kravitz and will be soon Sky As well as CURRENTLY. Then there are the British Enis Men from Mark JenkinKorean hunting Lee Jung Jae and French Bowling Saturn from Patricia Mazui, a thriller condemning feminicide. They are highly anticipated My name is Alfred Hitchcockproducer Mark CousinsCanadian viking (from Stephan Lafleur) that set fire to the Toronto Film Festival e communion girl from Victor Garcia. Finally they will be filmed ragtime from Joseph Boccassini and, for closing, The decision to leave melo noir, which we owe to the exceptional Park Chanukbetter known as director parasites.

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Returning to the literature, next to the mentioned Maurice DeGiovannithere will be other noir writers. Donato Carrisifor example, talk about his thriller “House of Lights.. Gino Vignali will present “Milanese fall in love on Saturday”. However, without belittling colleagues, the most long-awaited guest is Harlan Coben, today a recognized master not only of the noir novel, but also of series inspired by his books. Will go to him Raymond Chandler Award 2022.

Noir at the festival 2022 is marked by a clear return to the past. As follows from the manifesto of this year’s edition, signed by Paul Bacilerigraduation 30 years ago will be celebrated when young Quentin Tarantino debuted with hyenas. Exactly hyenas will be returned to the public in a magnificent 4K version.

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Let’s remember the debut behind the camera of the author crime novel They will David Rep As well as Michael Boroni, authors of a documentary film-journey through the Italian times of a film enthusiast and Gianfranco Giagni. The 1992 edition will also be remembered as a tribute to Bertrand Tavernier (as already mentioned) e Jules Dassin. Here are the words about George Gosetti As well as Marina Fabbri at the thirty-second Noir in the Festival:

Maybe the time of Marlowe and Spade is gone forever, and maybe even James Bond will have to surrender to age and technology. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be back, as is often the case with fantasy heroes who know how to illuminate the future. That’s why we have the duty and privilege every year to understand the changes in creativity, the intuition of new talent, the transformation of a happily hybrid and mutant genre. This edition of Noir recalls the best of our past – it’s no coincidence that we’re back in 1992 for the image of the year – but it is criss-crossed with dynamism and unparalleled offerings that confirm that noir is still the infallible thermometer of our time.

For the full program Noir at the festival 2022 which also includes delivery Caligari Award for the best (film) noir of the year, you can go to the official website of the event. Comingsoon.it will be present as a media partner and will cover the event with interviews, reviews and insights..

Source: Coming Soon

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